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Thread: Dynasty Warriors 5

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    Well I finally finished all Musou modes with all characters, yay!!! It's amazing how many characters that you don't normally like that you actually end up liking after you've played as them. Two people that spring to mind (I know I'll probably get some stick for this, lol) are the Two Qiao's. Never liked them particularly before but found them quite entertaining. However I don't think I'll ever grow to like Pang De, Dian Wei, Cao Ren, Xu Zhu, Xiahou Yuan, Huang Gei, Meng Hou, Dong Zhou. Funny how most of them are Wei.
    Also why is it that the Wei force all seem to look angry and sly?

    Anyway time to move on to the next. Think I'll go through Samurai Warriors next (first one) as I've never actually finisehd a Samurai Warriors game

    Quote Originally Posted by The King Of Chaos View Post
    Empires is the only DW/SW game series I definitely get every year because you get to create your own force and story and involve your created warriors in the story.

    That's why I wish they did an Empires for Warriors Orochi 2.
    I would love an Empires game to Warriors Orochi 2!
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    I think the crates were lazily unremoved from the game

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