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Thread: Sailor Moon

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    Heh that french opening sounds really strange, probably because i don't know french, but it still seemed somewhat bad IMO. Here's the swedish opening if someone wants to hear it:

    I even find the swedish one better than the japanese one (though i guess that's because i grew up with it and it's also from the time when sweden actually was good at dubbing series).

    Also seeing their french names, i realize sweden was pretty lucky to have the names pretty close to the japanese ones, or just as they were in japan. With these names being the only ones that was changed:

    Tsukino Usagi - Annie Tsukino
    Makoto Kino - Mako Kino
    Minako Aino - Arianne Aino
    Chibi-Usa - Chibusa

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    Default Sailor Moon

    yeah im a guy and when i was younger i actually watched and looked foreward to new episodes of sailor moon. i eventually got heavy into anime because of it gundam wing, outlaw star etc. anyway i actually thought about watching the show in japanese for shits. but i wanted to know if other guys actually watched the show even though it was aimed mainly at girls.

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    Sailor moon was somthing that i thought was ok but i just wanted to know what happened
    i rather watched outlaw star and gundam wing

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    Sailormoon was something memorable in my childhood..Ahhh, those good old times with Sailormoon..<3

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