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Thread: Nioh 2 - Changes to "Recommended level"

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    Default Nioh 2 - Changes to "Recommended level"


    So after the 1.5 patch, the side mission I'm on has jumped up to a recommended level of 62. The problem I'm having is that I cannot get gear anywhere near this level. I can only craft gear between 47 - 56 and the gear that is dropping in the level is also around level 50. The highest piece I own is 52 so can't Soul match either.

    I've spec'd my character specifically to wear light armour and have had no issues up until this point but now I'm getting killed in 2 hits from any enemy. How am I supposed to reach these new recommended levels?


    EDIT: Ignore me. People on Reddit told me it referred to gear level. Apparently this isn't true.. Can't find a delete post button lol
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