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Thread: Disgaea 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mousou hat View Post
    Disgaea 3 is an awesome game, it has the right humor the right cutesy prinny and the right post game -game.

    However.. the dlc is just a utter insult, a complete RIP-OFF.

    4 euros for individual 'past - game' sprite characters?... WHAT?!

    Ill be sure never to buy a disgaea game again, ever.
    Pretty sure theres something about gameplay in there to. Maybe..

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJZ View Post
    face it, Adell is sexy
    i dont care. If it were up to me i had wanted the hero prinny and the kurtis prinny, because prinny are manly.

    But those prices.. for just "OLD" (even!!) SPRITES.

    Even if the queen of england was in it that would be a rip off.

    I mean 45euro's for the whole '12 or so characters + 2 new modes' aswell, what do they think that im an imbecile? There is just no excuse for this.  062

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