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Thread: Discount code for wow classic gold

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    Default Discount code for wow classic gold

    When playing wow classic, I always need a lot of gold to buy some weapon or gear. Since my time for WOW classic is only 2 hours a day, I really don't want to waste my time farming gold. So I choose to buy some wow classic gold. Don't ask me whether I'm afraid of getting banned. I know there is a risk. Everything choosing to buy should know there is a risk. But I have been playing wow for so many years and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on gold and luckily I'm pretty good.

    I have tried many gold selling sites in the past years. What I want to say is, you can always find a discount code to use. The most direct way, according to my experience, is to ask for a code from customer service. Among those sites, I like SSEgold most. Every time before I buy wow classic gold, I talk to their livechat, check stock and require a discount code.

    The discount codes have an expire date so I repeatedly turn to livechat if I want to buy. There are codes in their facebook too, and some other deal sites (which you can just google it).

    I hope this helps you save some money if you also want to buy wow classic gold. By the way, I often use because they have cheaper wow classic gold than other sites and I can enjoy the same fast delivery too

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    thanks for your information and i just need to buy some cheap classic wow gold.

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