WoW Classic’s massive Phase 5 is gearing up to go live very soon. The patch will introduce the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj event and all its intended bugs. It’s the big release that a lot of veteran players have wanted to relive for years, and it’s likely only a month away.

Phase 5 introduces a ton of things to the game as it nears its final update with Naxxramas. This is where Blizzard introduced a lot of new gear and items to help players catch up for the high-end content (no offense, but these are really expensive, you may need to buy wow classic gold or you may not get them). But most notable, this is where the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj event starts. The whole thing takes place in Silithus and requires the entire server to supply material in order to open up the gates to the 20- and 40-player raids. It’s also where the Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest starts for the lucky person looking for that unique title and mount.

Part of the fun of Phase 5 will be watching the progress of each server as they get closer to opening the gates. Surely the big guilds will have a lot of this planned out, but the final parts will be a blast to watch on Twitch. After all, this is the event that a lot of people cite as one of WoW’s defining moments as a tremendous MMO.

Up until now, every new patch for WoW Classic has roughly followed a monthly schedule. I think that they’re going to wait till at least July/August for AQ - with no big-ticket item to announce at Blizzcon they will likely go for the TBC announcement then. Release Naxx in Decemberish, then in March announced a release date for TBC - likely to be summer.

So what is your guess on the phase 5 release date?