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Thread: World of Warcraft Corruption and Cloak Changes

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    Default World of Warcraft Corruption and Cloak Changes

    In a new community post, Blizzard has outlined some upcoming changes in World of Warcraft for corruption and cloaks.

    The overall goal of the update is to ultimately speed up power progression for new level 120 characters. To that end, the post touches on Echoes of Ny’alotha and how they will be far more abundant, “As we expand the usefulness of Echoes of Ny’alotha, we want to ensure that players who haven’t felt the need to accumulate them don’t feel disadvantaged, so we will be increasing both the drop rates of Echoes and their costs by a factor of 5.”

    When this rolls out, Major Assault will then reward 625 echoes which is an increase from 125. Essence purchase cost will also increase to 2500 from 500.

    Requirements for quest steps in upgrading cloaks will be reduced. Moving forward, each rank will be able to be had in a single Horrific Vision.

    MOTHER will also offer Vessels of Horrific Visions in exchange for Echoes of Ny’alotha, providing an additional source of access to Horrific Visions that does not require completion of Assaults.

    Read more about World of Warcraft Corruption and Cloak Changes at ssegold.

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    Interesting thoughts. Thanx for sharing!

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