he Last Days of American Crime 4K 2020

Thrillers 4K / Action 4k
Producer:- Olivier Megaton

Cast:-Neels Clasen, Edgar Ramírez, Tony Caprari

Film description
Graham Bricke is torturing a man looking for his money. The man tells him that the Dumois family is never going to stop hunting him. He tells Graham that his boy, Johnny D, gave him up. Graham leaves the man covered in gasoline with a lit cigar in his mouth. As he walks away from the building, the apartment explodes. The US government announces the American Peace Initiative (API), a neural blocker that once activated will affect people’s brains, preventing people from committing acts they know to be illegal. People attempt to flee to Canada but many are killed during the attempt.

One year ago, Bricke and his crew were the best bank robbers. As long as they gave the Dumois crime family their cut, they were free to act as they wanted. Bricke’s brother Rory prepares to go to prison. Six months later, the government tested their API device, and during the middle of a bank robbery, Bricke and his crew suddenly are halted. They flee with the money they have and one of the crew even gets killed. Dumois’s henchman Lonnie comes to Bricke for his money, and Bricke lies and says he no longer has it, saving it to get to Canada. Bricke receives a letter that Rory killed himself in prison. Then, once Johnny D sold him out and the Dumois family got his money, he had nowhere to go. Bricke finds and executes Johnny D.

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