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Thread: Future Samurai Warriors Characters?

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    I think there should be more girls in the game-- I think this is mostly influenced because I am a girl but I do have some guys that should be new to the samurai warriors series:

    Akihime (Yukimura's wife)
    Mitsunari Ishida's wife (No name, I think, because i haven't found her name yet)
    Hideyori Toyotomi
    Hidetada Tokugawa
    Nobuyuki Sanada
    The Sanada Juuyushi (The Sanada Ten Braves)
    Tadaoki Hosokawa
    Hiriko Akechi

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    Yagyu Munenori (Or Jubei or Sekishusai, any Yagyu will do )
    Naomasa Ii
    Nobuyuki Sanada
    Sasuke Sarutobi
    Ashikaga Yoshiteru
    Saito Dosan
    Miyoshi Nagayoshi
    Matsunaga Hasahide

    These are the ones id like to see most, The Yagyu would be great because they had such an impact on swordmanship and Munenori was a Tokugawa officer who fought in many battles such as Sekigahara, Osaka and even Yamazaki. The Miyoshi and Ashikaga would also be cool to see as Yoshiteru was the Shogun at the time and even held the nickname the warrior shogun. The Miyoshi clan played an integral part in overthrowing the Ashikaga Shogunate and also took part in many battles against the Oda, so it would be very cool to see their story line.

    Also We need a Koga ninja representative since we have Iga and Fuma, Sasuke Sarutobi would be perfect for this and it would give us some cool rivalry between him, Hanzo and Kotaro.

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