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Thread: Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Preview (English)

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    Default Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Preview (English)

    First off, I'd proudly like to say well done to the man behind this new action title, Keniichi Ogasawara, whom previously worked behind in parts of another KOEI videogame, Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War. This is his first chance to show how he can steer the Dynasty Warriors series into a more fresh and warming direction.

    This is no ordinary Dynasty Warriors game, Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce is a multiplayer-based portable game that features many new elements of exciting gameplay using fast action and fantasy themes. This ad-hoc enabled exclusive PSP title will allow the designs from Dynasty Warriors 6 to be able to transform into their Fury forms which use unique designs of the likes of creatures or animals. During this time you can perform your musou attack and other devastating moves to team up with your friends and play various fun challenges.

    Not only is Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce different in the sense of these super-human forms, but because for the first time these legendary Chinese warriors from the Three Kingdoms era get the option to choose two weapons to easily change by the use of a single button. Both the weapons from Dynasty Warriors 6, and new, feature, giving a vast range of 250+ spread throughout 22 categories. So you'll be having a blast shooting fireballs using Zhang Jiao's weapon, and then going lethal and stylish with Lu Bu's.

    In terms of this PSP newcomer, many events aranged by KOEI have been reported around the United Kingdom and other countries. This is because in Japan, a craze there being the Monster Hunter craze, is seen in Strikeforce through certain aspects to group those players together and try this title that will give surprise to owners of the console which lacks games as of late.

    In terms of gameplay, with the above being considered, you will notice how loose and broad the game plays. Loose being the fact that your not crowded by a bunch of units that are looking for death by being impaled upon your heroic spear, and the fact you can hover, use magical attacks and even fly with or without the Fury form being triggered. Since I've mentioned your not being swarmed, Strikeforce will not like compared to the main titles of the franchise give you a massive K.O count as you will be dealing with a few at a time. Though these few are much stronger than you would expect and will take combo attacks to be dealt with, this game due to as fast moving and crazy it shows, is difficult. A trick that can be mentioned here is to look out for which colour the units reveal by locking on to them, they will give off a weakness. So remember, they can dash, use magic and move around the areas of combat which are done one screen, loading to the next, to cause trouble and purposely be hard to target. Not forgetting the fact there are traps like arrow walls and the promoted tiger fire breathing head that guards Hu Lao Gate in the introduction, and there being secret areas where hidden treasure lies. And lastly worthy of note, never before seen cutscenes have been implemented. There's an opening for each force and other cool CG which are voice acted by the same narrator as heard in the Warriors Orochi series. Other than that, the English voices have been taken from Dynasty Warriors 6 and straight into their movements and actions. The heroic Zhao Yun shouts his infamous Renbu attack quote when he transforms, as an example.

    Before you go into battle, as another exclusive to the series, more note-ably inspired by Dynasty Warriors: Online, your character will find himself in a city where the usual stuff like selling your goods, purchasing skills, buying meat buns which are your healing items, and just generally visiting place by place and interacting with a number of cilivilians comes into fray. There are these at each city - academy, blacksmith, workshop, exchange, storehouse and shrine. There are 10+ locations altogether that'll change as you progress. Also a neat few plus points are the ability to perform various gestures and poses like clapping, pulling a sad face, and many others. Use your collected cards that give you bonuses in battle by interacting with the officer and use this to upgrade your equipment and buy more efficient weaponry, as well. And even visit a shrine to change your character, select to equip another weapon, whilst you look near the exit, located near a panda whom offers goodies in exchange for an item. Just ahead of him will be your board where you undergo your quests, sub-missions like defeating butterflies and main missions, and proceed into the storm of battle. Oh, and one other thing, don't forget to choose which costume colour to gear in to, there are 4 available in total. So yes, there's plenty to keep you away from the fighting here, which adds to the deep customization and length of time completing Strikeforce.

    Now about the modes of choice within, you will see each force as always, showcasting a grand 130+ missions not including downloadable content that will be found via the Playstation Store. And an option menu where you find your usual bits and you can listen to the remixes of the Dynasty Warriors 6 OST that give the series and continue to, a hard-rock atmosphere. Though no Japanese voice option I'm afraid, but just the languages of English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

    This is it for Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce. The main points of interest here are the fantasy inspired dedication spent through the advanced combat, the use of multiplayer being it's strongest yet, and for the finale just the fact it's different and a first project. Likely the ace of spades that will catch the eye of the reviewer who's not been bothered by the series til now. Exciting stuff!

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    Thanks and I love how you introduced the producer bits and the tour bits

    Nice one man!

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