At the courtyard of Phaya Si Sattakarn, the sacred landmark of the Mekong River In the Nakhon Phanom municipality, Mr. Bamrung Srilachai, the sheriff of Renu Nakhon together with Mr. Srisuk Saenyodkham, Mayor of Renu Sub-district Municipality, Renu Nakhon District, Nakhon Phanom Local community leaders, including Thai villagers And more than 200 beautiful female rompers who attended the Renarees Ceremony. In the sacrifice of the Lord Phaya Sri Sat Sat Nakarat Is the last day It is considered an important sacred festival held every year. In order to offer worship to the serpent according to tradition, after the construction of the Phaya Si Sattakharak was completed. Celebrated since 2016, therefore, has held a tradition every year during the 7 month 7, which this year is scheduled to Between 7-13 July 2020, where beautiful women from 7 tribes from all 12 districts will be held to attend the ceremony every day. For the last day, a tribute dance performance performed by Phutai Renu Nakhon tribe women. Renu Nakhon is an important tourist district with unique characteristics. About traditions, local culture, Phuthai dance, dress and local language Unique Inherited from the past to the present And encouraging young children and grandchildren Inherited to the present It also has a land that is famous. About beautiful woman Renu Phuthai Because it is a tribe that has beautiful face and skin since the past until it was called the most beautiful girl Phutai Especially the Phuthai dance is considered an outstanding performing art. And has a beautiful delicacy As well as having fun dance moves Different from general dancing Because there will be a dancing style of skating Including gestures Of various animals Become a dancing flirtation pose Show the strength of the male Which was originally used to perform at important ceremonies Including sacrifice According to tradition Make it present Bring to continue as a cultural performance to promote tourism. Mr. Srisuk Saen Yodkham, Mayor of Renu Subdistrict Municipality, Renu Nakhon District, Nakhon Phanom Province, revealed that for today is considered a blessing to the Phutai tribe. Descendants of the Tyrenne, 1 year there will be a sacrifice to pay respect Sacred Land Naga by Mekong River Which is considered a tradition of belief Inherited from the past Which today has grandchildren Phuthai tribeswoman Have come to express the identity, culture, traditions that have been passed down from the past as a tradition and belief, as well as to promote tourism promotion for tourists to appreciate Phut Thai Especially Phuthai dance Regarded as a unique artistic and cultural show Both delicacy and beauty As well as a performance that combines the way of life, play and tradition Since the dance moves are intertwined with the beauty and past skits among young people dancing in a flirtatious way, both dancing in pairs, while dancing moves with the use of wild animal gestures Into a beautiful and perfect dance posture No style, but emphasizing naturalness Reflecting the way of life of the Phutai tribe, such as dancing, woo dance, bird dance Tiger posture Tiger tail Coffin stomp Tha Crocodile Strike Tail Thai Boxing Hanuman Pier Ring Or the offering of Phaya Tan All are gestures taken from traditions and beliefs. And show the strength of the male, but the rules are to maintain the custom of worshiping spirits The male side must not touch the female body. Demonstrate faith and faith Ancient traditions Considered as a tradition that has been passed down from the past Make present Became a show that has been passed down And be exhibited at important provincial traditions It is to promote tourism It is also a charm of the people of Renu Renu slot