Malignant marrow symptoms, doctors point out warning signs become acute leukemia What is the "bone marrow defect"? Department of Medical Services by Lerdsin Hospital Bone marrow deficiency syndrome, or MDS, is the core of the large bone throughout the body. Is responsible for creating all types of blood, such as red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Normally, the bone marrow produces blood all the time. Malignant bone marrow syndrome (MDS) is a group of diseases caused by abnormalities in the bone marrow, which makes it impossible to produce blood. Mostly found in patients older than 60 years and very rarely in patients younger than 40 years. When the body is unable to produce different types of blood, disorders such as anemia cause pale symptoms. White blood cells cause the body to decrease immunity. Low platelets cause bleeding easily
Causes of bone marrow deficiency
Dr. Somsak Akkasilp, Director-General of the Department of Medical Affairs, revealed that bone marrow deficiency One part is spontaneous without any obvious cause. Another part occurs after patients have received chemotherapy or radiation before in the past. Or receiving certain chemicals such as benzene
Dangers of bone marrow deficiency
However, this defect is not a genetic disease. Therefore not contacting family members Disease progression in cases where the disease is mild Will have a survival rate of more than 6 years, often starting from 1-3 types of blood production is less and less until anemia symptoms Low white blood cells and low blood platelets After about 1 in 3 of the patients will develop the disease into acute leukemia, which is a severe type. With a survival rate of approximately 5 months
How to treat bone marrow deficiency slot
Dr. Sakarin Wonglertsiri, director of Lerdsin Hospital, Department of Medical Services, added that Treatment in the event that the disease is mild and not acute right leukemia. Generally, treatment is done by giving blood platelets and injections to stimulate white blood cells or red blood cells. With low blood cell types Which is palliative treatment But in the case that the disease is severe or begins to become acute leukemia Treatment is bone marrow transplantation or stem cell transplantation. Which can be cured However, it is only possible for some patients. In the event that the bone marrow cannot be transplanted May give some injectable chemotherapy drugs Combined with palliative treatment so that the blood cells return to the normal as possible