Doi Inthanon National Park Ready to receive tourists after the Covid-19 period Turn the crisis into an opportunity to improve every house to be beautiful, safe, prepared to accommodate tourists. When reopening on 1 August after the end of the epidemic of Kovit-19, Mr Krisiam Kongsatri, head of Doi Inthanon National Park Chiang Mai province revealed that the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation has announced the Doi Inthanon National Park. Re-opening for tourists on 1 August after the closure of tourism in all national parks. As a measure to prevent the spread of tourists From 25 March onwards, Doi Inthanon National Park Therefore have to rely on this period of time to improve facilities Within the national park To be beautiful, safe, prepared for tourists to visit, such as the top of the mountain and Angka Nature Trail With civilized architecture Improve the handrail facilities for wheelchairs for disabled and elderly people to be able to use safely and conveniently. Renovate bathroom And the Kio Mae Pan Nature Study Route, which is a popular tourist destination, has also improved the structure of the walkway to be beautiful. In addition, there are 9 renovated guesthouses, including online lodgings that allow tourists to book accommodation through the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, which has been used for a long time. Some are older than 20 years and are in a state of disrepair over time. Therefore changed the old ceiling from plywood Lined with pine wood to be beautiful in harmony with nature. Renovate bathroom Create a waste separation system In order to be ready to welcome tourists For measures Preventing the virus Kovit-19. The Doi Inthanon National Park Have fully prepared Both in the preparation of locations, equipment, tourists' practices And park staff In accordance with the Department of Wildlife and Plant Conservation policy By having a body thermometer prepared Automatic and hand washing gel bottles Placed at various points As well as the spacing according to social distancing measures such as the sink in front of the toilet urinal As well as measures in the mall For the rules of the staff at the operator. There will be a body temperature check before going to work every day. And enjoined to take care of health Various sanitation Require that while working, must wear a mask or cloth mask at all times For tourists who are traveling to the area of ​​Doi Inthanon National Park. Have to reserve a queue Online through the QueQ application 15 days in advance and must be checked in via the Thai winning platform. Which every tourist must wear a face mask or cloth mask If not wearing, absolutely will not be allowed to enter the park. Also, social spacing Is still necessary Because of the situation of Kovit-19 Still worrying Because afraid that there may be an outbreak in the second round. However, please all tourists are confident in traveling to Doi Inthanon National Park And to cooperate in strict compliance with the measures laid down To make tourism in Doi Inthanon National Park a convenient and safe tourist. Healthy & Safety together For Doi Inthanon National Park Is the location of Doi Inthanon The highest peak of Thailand The height is 2,565 meters above sea level. The landscape is a diverse forest, including evergreen forest, pine forest, mixed forest and cold all year round. And during this rainy season There are greenery of plants. Especially during the closing of the national park during the Covite-19 period No tourists go in Revive nature And complete from the moisture of raindrops Make nature as beautiful as winter slot