Because of fun with children It is always considered a pair. There are also many studies that have shown that playing children fun. That is beneficial to the child in many ways And more importantly, parents should be involved in playing with children as well. Because the parents play with that child Will result in many advantages Today we want to bring important reasons that parents should play with children together. Fun playing with children It is considered an activity that parents have done since the baby is an infant. Trying to greet children for children to smile, laugh and respond to the parents' voice. These things are all played between parents and children. Which playing with children does not specify that they must have additional equipment to play Because of making laughter, smiling, or even making eye contact It affects various developments Of children Especially the brain neurons that have hundreds of thousands of cells that are connected to the mesh
The advantage of parents playing with children
Playing may be seen as nonsense. But at the same time The parents play with children. Instead is nothing nonsense But comes with many unbelievable advantages as follows
1. Create a well-rounded development for the child
Because your brain is like a sponge that absorbs everything around you Not just playing with the ball Talking allows children to learn how to communicate. Children can respond to conversations with parents. Therefore, it is up to the parents to choose what their children will learn. If you want your children to be happy A good-tempered child Should find activities that make him smile and laugh often Come to play always
2. Stimulating curiosity
The parents are involved in playing with children. Whether it's playing toys, playing games, playing sports, or even doing other activities All contribute to stimulate the child to be more active and curious Therefore, when parents want their children to have any skills Or in what way to promote the child Should play with him and keep the child involved in that activity slot
3. Create a deep love bond
As long as parents have time to spend together with their children, play together, do activities together, or even have time to eat together. It is something special that will make the family have a very deep bond of love. Because the children have the opportunity to spend time with their parents often Will allow him to be able to talk and discuss various matters even if the child is still young But listening and spending time with him Would make him feel even more attached to his parents
4. Children are fun. Parents become even more loving.
Fun playing with children Aside from being happy and having fun Parents also have more love for each other. Because the time when the body faces fun and happiness The pituitary gland releases the hormone oxytocin. Which is the hormone of love Make parents more love, attachment And more importantly, hormones that help reduce stress as well