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Thread: What type of kisses do girls want and encourage the most psychedelic mood?

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    Default What type of kisses do girls want and encourage the most psychedelic mood?

    The transfer of love is another way to express naturally. When both of them are in a deep sense of contentment and strengthen their relationship, they are kissing. And of course, kissing Is the beginning of SEX that sometimes comes out among or sergeants Is in style and charm in this story for the young Playboy who is looking for a way to tie the heart of a young woman We want to tell you the true desire of what kind of kisses the girls want and the most emotional stimulation.
    - Gentle and gentle as a prince kisses the princess
    A soft, gentle kiss, like a romantic and tender love for women. It is said to be the kiss most girls most need. Fff Slowly slinging the lips slowly. Put the lips calmly Let the breath and body odor gradually Exchange and permeate through haste and intensity. As well as slowly mesmerizing the sweetness with the tip of the tongue rhythmically Like beautiful music and able to make young women feel sensitive with the sweetness that young men gave
    - bite the lips only gently
    Stimulating impulses such as music notes Aside from warm lip articulation And gently touching closely from the tongue about the measure Should increase the rhythm of lightly biting lips to stimulate both the growing and intense desire As if to say by using body language that After this, slow and warm melodies Will begin to intensify and become more intense The expression of male instincts That requires a little heat and raw Helping to eroticize well with young women But must be at a rhythm that can feel that the other party is ready and want The important thing is not to create pain. It's just stimulating emotions only
    - Kiss on the neck and back of the ear. Sensitive and warm when touched.
    Gradually attack and understand the needs of women. Helping you look like a charming lover And understand the needs of the other party Kissing or lightly scented Area behind the ear As well as kissing the neck area And use the tip of the chin to gently touch and rub gently, helping to create sensation And can undeniably stimulate emotions Because the area behind the ear and neck Is the point that women are sensitive to touching and understanding Allow the warm air to disappear And the lips touch the correct point The girl will inevitably fall into your fascinating charm.
    - Perfect touch from hands Conveying love and desire for awareness เกมยิงปลา
    Many young women love gentle hand touches. As well as gently squeezing the hand Or kissing on the fingers of the fingers, gently and fragrant and touching from the base of the finger of the girl to the tip of the finger Gives a sexy and romantic feeling to honor young women. Including expressing love with tact The kiss that a woman wants is not just the spreading of the lips and tongue. But conveying the feeling of looking into the eyes and touching your hands Helps you to look like a very cute young man as well, because kissing is a technique that requires tact and understanding the needs of the other party. The most important thing is to honor, especially at the beginning Should know how much young women are ready to continue in other roles If you are not ready yet, do not force or force your feelings. It's not something that Playboy gentlemen should do, right?

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    I think girls prefer French kisses, although what do these kisses mean? When they all want to continue. I know from myself that it is impossible to kiss for a long time when you spend time with independent escorts, who are interested in check this site out. Believe me, every normal man dreams about it.

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