Phaya Isan describes the fragrance that is famous for its floating leaves floating in the wind passing by. Bai Hom is a name given to the northeastern part of Thailand. It is a plant with green leaves, slender leaves, smells like Pandan leaves mixed with rice. Filled with heat when exposed to heat. It is also found that Aom has a variety of names, called in yards, areas such as Niamhom, Aroma Aroma, Aromatic Aroma, etc., various herbal plants, Ayom Om, or Niem Om. Chloranthus spicatus (Thunb.) Makino is a plant in the family. Chloranthaceae Is a native plant of China But common in Southeast Asia In addition to the fragrance that is a distinctive feature Can bring flowers and leaves to brew as tea for coughing The leaves can pound the body to treat boils and wounds caused by scalding. The roots eaten in the right size as the drug can cure malaria, but eating too much will be toxic. Isaan people in the past used to hold a variety, such as mixed with water to help make hair shiny black. And sliced ​​into small pieces, put together with the breast to help the mouth fragrant This recipe for the elderly is very popular. From the point of view of a group of men, the flaming leaves are soaked in the jars of the people of olden days. Including to bake tobacco to reduce pungent smell to be smelt immediately. slot