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Thread: Do not miss the fashion line! "Cloth mask", chic design from Japanese fashion brands

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    Default Do not miss the fashion line! "Cloth mask", chic design from Japanese fashion brands

    From the spread of COVID-19 in many countries around the world We need to change to a new way of life (New Normal) to prevent the spread of infection when going outside the house. "Mask" is very necessary today. Until the shortage And the price is so high that it is shocked Causing many people to turn to wear a "cloth mask" which aside from helping prevent the spread of the infection Can still be washed and re-weared many more times Japan also Nowadays, more and more Japanese people use cloth masks. Various brands have started to design cloth masks for sale. For the design, there are many styles to choose from. From the simple, minimal, or colorful colors To cool styles For the street line And today we have put forward a mask from more than 10 Japanese brands for readers to try. slot
    1. シ ェ リ ー (CHERIE) starts with a cloth mask from a women's clothing brand CHERIE. The plaid design is simple but hidden with a cute Seesucker fabric made of silk and cotton mixed together. Therefore suitable for tropical cities Well ventilated And is also strong and durable Can be washed and reused for a long time Sold for 2,700 yen
    2. ヨ シ オ ク ボ (Yoshiokubo) Next, the men's brand, ヨ シ オ ク ボ (Yoshiokubo), elegant fabric mask Made of jersey fabric The fabric is flexible, lightweight, comfortable, soft, smooth, giving a comfortable feeling while wearing it is not uncomfortable. Fabric masks from this brand are available in 2 colors, black and flesh. Available for 2,200 yen.
    3. ア ン デ コ レ イ テ ッ ド (UNDECORATED) Fabric masks from clothing brands U ン デ コ レ イ テ ッ ド (UNDECORATED) started to produce fabric masks for sale under the concept of "Want to do something good During this difficult time. "This distinctive feature of this brand is Unisex, both men and women. And can adjust the length of the strap The material used is linen. Able to absorb sweat and heat well It is also resistant to laundry. Sold for 2,200 yen

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