Sleep is an important factor in many health care. People tend to overlook Because, in reality, we humans spend as much as a third of our lives and sleep well enough. Not just 8 hours a day But still need to sleep with quality The Sleep Syndrome Association of Thailand Therefore educate the public about the importance of sleep Sleep apnea and snoring danger signs Including encouraging people to pay attention to proper diagnosis
Obstructive sleep apnea The danger that begins with "snoring" slot
Female Dr. Nawarat (MD) Aphirak Kittikun Professor of Medicine at the Department of Otolaryngology, Ramathibodi Hospital said: "I must say that there are currently many consultants regarding snoring. Most of which come with the idea that it is something that bothers people who sleep too. More than thought that it was a disease But in reality I must say that Snoring is a warning sign of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). The snoring is caused by the upper respiratory tract, obstruction of the glands, big tongue, ear canal and nose, swollen tongue, long tongue. Slack necks or people who are overweight and increasing age If left without treatment, it can cause sleep apnea. And resulting in hypoxia and complications that cause sleep quality to drop Resulting in increased long-term adverse effects on the body Including high blood pressure, diabetes, dementia Symptoms of erectile dysfunction, hyperactivity, heart attack, arrhythmia Including the risk of accidents due to opiates On average, snoring occurs in men more than women because in women of reproductive age there are hormones that stimulate breathing more than men. "
Obstructive sleep apnea risk group
Doctor Somprasong Treasure square Doctor of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital stated that a study conducted in Thailand found that in the working adult population Prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea patients Males were 15.4% and women 6.3%, while in America The adult population aged 40 years and up with 1 in 3 obstructive sleep apnea patients.