On the weekend What kind of life do you live There are reports of being alone too much may not be good for your health. The content of the report is published in the journal PLOS ONE, which states that people who have free time to hang out with friends. While also taking care of your own body as well Will have better health examinations than people who are obsessed with exercise alone and force themselves too much
That is so because people who exercise But still relaxed by going out to meet friends as well They have both good mental and physical health. When the inside is happy Affecting the outside As before, results from studies also show that people who work out together with their partners will work better than exercising alone. Or people entering weight loss Or take care of one's own health Encouraged by the people around them tend to be more successful than those who have to do it alone. Meet friends for good health
In addition to the PLOS ONE report, a study by a famous insurance company, Cigna Insurance, states that people who meet friends Always have a good mental state And they often receive persuasions or recommendations from friends Health care Different from someone who shuts down They will not be persuaded. Or suggestions from anyone Makes the health of lonely people Tend to be worse than people with friends At the same time, it has been noted that the behavior of people today who use too much social media, causing the quality of meetings. The time to actually meet each other is reduced and will make that person Don't dare to interact with anyone much Which will affect long-term health Due to the use of social media, resulting in more people being alone.
"Partners" partner for good health slot
So if you know that being alone is too much Even if you go to the gym often But your workouts may not reach the highest quality Because in that truth The most effective exercise is having a partner so you can interact with others. Or even going out to do activities to help the society Getting to know new friends and having some social status will improve your mental health without knowing it.
Because meeting people is important And even more to meet friends Is one part that makes life happier Although some people argue that Using social media is like talking to friends already. But in reality it was not like that. Because it's the interaction through technology Talking to listen to the voice Making eye contact or laughing together did not happen. When this happens, try to meet some friends. Or sitting, chatting, eating with friends at work Or going to do activities with the foundation Or attend classes that interest you To enable you to have a society Talk to other people Listening to opinions in a real voice, real eye contact, and seeing his body language Not just letters Or emojis like on social media