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    Path of Exile is fun and interesting. The end game makes no sense and it’s hard to understand exactly what’s going on. I have no idea what type of damage it causes and how it can be mitigated because there is zero results about what is going on and what killed / affects you. (Unless you bring it over a space that pops up while affecting you, which usually dies since you stopped seeing it). If you ask questions on the forums, you won’t usually get an answer from GGG. Other players make comments, but this usually depends on their surprising ability, such as the level of sucking-type responses. And there is absolutely no obstacle to customer service. Like zero. Even on their site, they say something like, "Even if our mistake happens, there's nothing we can do."

    If it's too much for you to get over the learning curve remember survivablity is good. Also, it's not for everyone. Don't feel bad about putting it down if it's not your cup of tea. If you like Diablo and have PSplus then stop reading this and go download Path of Exile RIGHT EFFING NOW! But you'd better to read some guides if you're new to POE, it's maybe a little difficult for beginners. And of course, just like other MMORPGS, you can buy game currency and items online to save your time, we called it poe currency or poe chaos orbs in Path of Exile. It's just my advice here.

    And you can cotact me if you play Path of Exile!
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    Great review! I learned a lot from this game even though I did not play it yet. Right now, I also want to try it. Do you happen to have a free to download link that we can visit? Anyway if you are still looking for pc games why not play this game now minecraft bed wars and hopefully you can also share us some reviews.

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