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Thread: Trump to announce further withdrawal of US troops from Middle East Expect electoral vote

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    Unhappy Trump to announce further withdrawal of US troops from Middle East Expect electoral vote

    US President Donald Trump will announce an additional withdrawal of US troops from Iraq on Wednesday, a senior government official told reporters on Tuesday. Has a goal to pull votes. After the popular vote behind the main competitors in the presidential election

    The staff said The statement will be followed by another one in the coming days. In connection with the further withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan.

    The decision was made after Trump, a representative from Republican. Vie for the White House chair again Recently faced with heavy criticism In the case of news that he was abusing the US soldiers who died in the war.

    Trump is having a popular vote after Democratic rival Joe Biden. In the presidential election on November 3, therefore, the announcement and timing of this announcement Perhaps the goal is to convince the electorate. That he was working on a promise to end what he once defined as America's never-ending war.

    The United States has approximately 5,200 troops stationed in Iraq to fight the Islamic State (IS) militant group.

    One US official Who did not want to name, said Last month America is expected to reduce about a third of its personnel stationed in Iraq in the coming months.

    Part in Afghanistan There are about 8,600 US troops now stationed, and Trump told a media outlet last month that America plans to cut the number of soldiers in Afghanistan to around 4,000.

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