Speed - Himiko, she fires like a god and with almighty and firepower she is by far too powerful (and ranged)(i beat both Orochi-8 and Wei-8 with her on chaos with her level in the 20s

Technique - Lu Xun, i think this partially goes for my overall liking for him because since DW3 came out hes been my favourite (untl Wo2) but he was always an overall good character for any condition (i dont feel the same about him in Wo2 though)

Power - Ranmaru Mori, i probably like to play as him because he is a line trap (that i do find attractive haha) but ive always liked hid range and he seems to be one of the faster attackers, as soon as i layed almighty down on him (first person i ever used it on, like yesterday i just went and got the Jeweled Branch) i knew i was going to use him for a looooong time