Bet table

Galaxy hunter payouts The highest number of points in the game has a multiplier of 130, followed by the multiplication of x110, x90, x75, x65, x50, x40, x35, x25, x20, x15, x10, x8. , x5, x4, x3 and the least are 2 things that say at first that slots are a game that is quite difficult to slotxo calculate because one shot that you have a chance to win more than 1 time. But if you want to calculate by yourself every time It may be too difficult. You can trust AFL calculations that There is a program that calculates correctly. And absolutely accurate

Spread venom in the screen and kill MONSTERS, random slotxo TRIGGER A CYCLONE to kill monsters. Within the range of the explosion To kill monsters Within the release of the sound of wanting to kill MONSTERS, random laser beam TRIGGER to kill monsters within range D.

Fish shooting techniques

1. The fish will fall off the screen, do not choose to shoot: when the fish is close to the screen. It is recommended not to shoot as the chances of the fish die are relatively small as the fish will float off the screen first.

2. Should not press and hold or open the game automatically: because it is a huge waste. Because if you slotxo are unable to shoot the fish dead Will lose the bullets without getting anything It is best to choose to shoot fish that have already been shot by someone else. Then the fish swim right through us It will be easier to shoot. Or if you really want to use automatic shooting Should be used

3. Calculate the time for the shot well: because the fish shooting game will have a changing time period. Which will be around 4-5 minutes in changing the scene once Depending on that fish shooting game Which in changing the scene each time It will be easier to shoot fish. Or in some scenes the fish dies easily At some point, if at any given time the fish are still not dead Suggest to wait to change a new scene first Shot again

4. Calculate the equity per bet carefully: If you are a low-stakes player. slotxo It is advisable to shoot small fish first. Gradually accumulate the balance because If we go to aim a big fish The chances that the fish will die are quite difficult.

We have regular updates to the game. Many people say that the same game over and over will be boring or not. Of course, it must be boring without updates. But not for Slot We have regular updates every week. Recently, a new play mode was opened. Advanced player mode It is a bet with a high amount. Start bets at 45 GP at a time for the bet line, I think you will definitely like it. Big bets, the bonus is very heavy as well.