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    Default Lightning God Slot Game Review

    Review of Lightning God slot game, SLOTXO game, win with the god of Thunder Raiden God of thunder and lightning in Japanese mythology. That will let the lightning strike down to slotxo let the slot spin to meet the jackpot !! Reiden or Raijin is a deity that is highly respected and popular on the Japanese side. Read more Slot Game Review

    Award Financial Rates

    Awards received The maximum is 900 GP multiplied, which is 5 fan symbols on the line in that spin, followed by 5 shields and swords, as well as 5 symbols of lightning gods along the line, worth 900 GP according to the money. The bet includes 10 free spins and symbols of the Chinese lion, castle, letter A, letter K, QJ, letter 10 and 9 respectively.

    Symbols in the game

    Dragon God, Thunder God, Fan, Sword and Shield, Chinese Lion Statue, Deity Castle and indispensable in slotxo games are the symbols A K Q J 10 9 which is slotxo a symbolic form of poker betting. By betting on it Royal State Flush Arrangement Best hand of play All have flowers of the same color As a symbol of good luck within the game With character design that fits the game a lot Use the color of gold that sparkles of money and wealth.

    Special features


    The SCATTER of the game, the god of thunder, will be the god of lightning with a blue line of lightning. This is a great site and a beautiful new interpretation. (This character, Raiden, the thunder god The prototype belongs to the Mortal Kombat gaming universe. Which is very famous) is a special slotxo symbol that can be used in place of all symbols. Which is not necessary to be in line, if 3 or more will make Players will receive FREE SPIN or FREE GAMES in at least 3 images, 10 free spins, 36 free spins, if very lucky, they will be stacked free spins equal to saving a large amount of money. And so are other symbols by turning it, LINES must be in the first row.

    Then will be sorted by line In the game, the god of lightning will have a total of 243 formats, multiplying the bet value is similar. All of the pictures in the game will have the lowest slotxo order of 3, it is very easy to get rewards. Because the number of lines is the highest And symbols There will be different multiplications and the wild symbol is the fire dragon god that can replace every symbol. Makes it easier to get bonuses.


    If a player receives 3 or more SCATTERS symbols, they will receive FREE GAMES, also known as free spins (free spins), depending on the number of SCATTERS received, not only that they will also receive a prize money from receiving a special symbol. That is a wild symbol that can be used as a slotxo substitute for SCATTERS. Suppose that the player can spin 2 SCATTERS, but if there is a Wild symbol, that player gets free spin and it will be a beautiful animated picture. Come on to get bonuses or free spins.


    The game has 243 lines or 243 types of bonuses. The winning direction is counted from left to right. And must have 3 or more identical symbols, a maximum of 5 cells will be called a win and payout is calculated based on the value of that symbol. It can be calculated by multiplying the total slotxo number of lines and of course we can get more than 1 line per spin, the prize will be even more added. The specialty of this game is Has the largest number of lines Each randomness is so special. Because the players have the opportunity to get more lines And only spin Can have more duplicate lines Can get bonus and get free spins at the same time.

    We have regular updates to the game. Many people say that the same game over and over will be boring or not. Of course, it must be boring without updates. But not for Slot We have regular updates every week. Recently, a new play mode was opened. Advanced player mode It is a slotxo bet with a high amount. Start bets at 45 GP at a time for the bet line, I think you will definitely like it. Big bets, the bonus is very heavy as well.
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    Thank you for sharing! I like to play mobile demo slots. They’re so easy to play and offer fantastic RTP and promotions. This had me glued all through the night and into a decent win. My new favorite gambling platform and I'm currently waiting for another payout!

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