Speaking of rats, many people might feel scared of this little animal. Because mice are not only a carrier of rat urine and various pathogens from dirty water pipes. But also destroys household items such as nibbling shoes, piercing furniture or wooden floors in the house to make holes to make nests or walkways. Including biting on the power cord, which can be dangerous as well It is imperative to get rid of rodents for the health and safety of people in the home. After that, let's see how to get rid of rats in the house with a powerful effect.

How to remove rats from the house using the smell to repel mice

An easy and effective way to get rid of rats is to use their unpleasant odors to make them move out of the house. To get started with scenting house mice, choose one of the following pungent items: Then placed along the wall, niche, blind corner, ceiling, water pipe cover and / or trash bin.

Pungent herbs
Place oleander branches or cloves along the path and entrance of the rat's nest, but be careful not to touch the latex from parts of the oleander plant, including the water in oleander pollen, as it is poisonous.Clove is not as toxic as oleander and has medicinal properties. Many things However, pregnant women should not inhale the aroma of clove essential oil. Because it can be dangerous

Pungent herbal oil or detergent
Another way to get rid of mice with herbs Recommend to place a small container with turpentine. Peppermint essential oil (peppermint) or rat repellent herbal solution But it is rarely recommended to use kerosene. Because there is a smell that can make the members of the house dizzy And also has good flammability properties That makes it vulnerable to fire as well

Rat repellent tablets
It has a black pellet appearance and gives the pungent smell of natural herbs that mice don't like Which is both safe, convenient to use and affordable, only 60 or less than 200 baht per bag

Foul ball
Will wrap the baby in a rag or cloth bag. Or placed in a small container Not only can get rid of rats But the pungent smell of mothballs can also repel ants, lizards, geckos, cockroaches and common pests.

Baking soda
In addition to having a scent that causes the mice to flee It is also one of the ingredients in cooking and dessert. With more than 50 versatile items such as exfoliation, foot spa, detoxification in fruits and vegetables.

Mouse chasing cubes
It looks like a small lump that emits a fiery herbal scent all around. Recommended to choose a natural herb. Which has a pungent odor but is not dangerous, can be placed outdoors And the price is not expensive, only about 100-300 baht

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