Anyone would say that this era is difficult. Because it is full of new diseases Many happen In the midst of the changing environment and climate that are increasingly difficult to predict every day, so what we can do is Find a way to keep your immune system strong. And shield against disease that is Thai wisdom inherited from ancient times, it is contained in traditional herbs No need to look for expensive farang medicine somewhere. One of the best Thai herbs that are rich in properties is turmeric, which if anyone has not known. Or have never tried eating Try reading the benefits of turmeric that sanook had been looking for and you will know that the good stuff is close to us.
Properties of turmeric
1. Helps detoxify and nourish the liver.
Turmeric is rich in curcumin (Curcumin), an important substance that can help clear mucus, fat and toxins in the liver, helping to protect the liver, detoxification. From factors such as environmental pollution And food components Viral infections, drugs and alcohol, etc.
Curcumin thus helps prevent cirrhosis, hepatitis and liver infections. Which causes liver cancer While maintaining a healthy liver
2. Inhibit the occurrence of cancer.
Curcumin is also effective in removing free radicals from the body. Helps inhibit the growth and effectively resist the division of cancer cells.
3. Helps to heal stomach ulcers.
With the lifestyles of the new generation who often do not eat regularly Causing gastritis to ask for Eating turmeric regularly will help heal stomach ulcers. Because turmeric contains extracts that have the effect of accelerating the growth of wounded tissues Thus making the wound heal faster
4. Improves the immune and antiviral.
Eating turmeric on a regular basis will help you avoid getting sick easily. Even during the frequent weather changes
5. Reduce risk factors for heart disease.
Because turmeric has properties in helping to control hyperlipidemia as well. Thus reducing the risk factors for heart disease in the body
6. Help prevent inflammation of blood vessels.
Dust pm 2.5 does not leave us anywhere. And ready to come back to invade the city at any time, so you should build immunity early. With the properties of turmeric that in addition to helping to treat respiratory disorders such as asthma, it also helps prevent inflammation of blood vessels from fighting pm 2.5 dust as well.
Know good properties Of turmeric Don't forget to eat foods that เกมส์ xo contain turmeric, such as yellow curry, fish tai pla, fried chicken, turmeric, etc., or find a drink with turmeric extract. Received full value from concentrated herbs
In addition to eating good food is useful. Remember to exercise regularly. Get enough rest And make the mind bright, not stressed, will strengthen the immune system to fight various diseases. Get more full performance