"Understanding the customer's heart" is the key to work. Especially with marketing work Everyone knows this. But everyone has put this into action, is it good enough for their plans?

One of the most common mistakes in marketing, especially in the digital marketing line, is .. People tend to use 'techniques' or lead strategies such as want to do SEO, want to do content like XYZ but in the end they get bad results as expected. It is because of the technique that I want to do. Not suitable for business And unable to reach your real customers

What is Persona?
Persona is a model of person. That is the ideal customer of your business.
Ever met a question from a friend that "Men / Women How about the spec?
When faced with a question like this The brain often begins to imagine some people. Or some characters Observe and consider his various elements and then share them with friends. From what kind of appearance What kind of temperament What activities do you like?
Same concept: Persona is a model to describe that person who is "ideal for your business", where he is "customer". We will be able to plan Can strategize that Where can we find him? And how to do that to make him interested in us (Think step by step, a plan of how we will flirt with him)

How is Customer Persona different from Customer Segment?
Customer segment is the target group. Or customer groups For example "Our main customers are housewives aged 35-50 throughout Thailand."
It can be seen that information like Customer Segment is often said in such a sentence as 'group' data, which is spoken as a whole. But in fact If we imagine '35-year-old housewife living in a condo in Bangkok' and '50-year-old housewife living in Isan region', do you think the method of digital marketing to reach these two people will still be the same?

Of course, if your target audience can be divided into smaller segments for greater clarity. You should be divided And if you want to see a clearer picture Converting big data to personal data models like Persona will help you better understand your customers.

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