Experts from various countries have provided data on the complexity of tracking magnetically exposed subjects. Radio frequency Including studies of the effects on cancer in humans. Studies of cancer in laboratory animals And mechanisms and other relevant information

A limited evidence-based study found a higher risk among people using cordless phones for glioma and acoustic neuroma tumors, and there was not enough evidence to conclusively. That using a cordless phone can affect other cancers

This is evidenced by the occupation and the environment that has been magnetic. Radio frequencies are similar, they are not enough to judge. Although the IARC working group does not have a clear number on the risks it poses. But one study has been reported in the past. (A 2004 study) found that cell phone use was shown to show a 40% increased risk of glyomagous brain tumors. (glioma) of a population with heavy phone use. Is an average use of about 30 minutes per day for 10 years

As a result of the aforementioned reasons, the IARC working group concluded that Evidence while it was gathered up There is enough to support that conclusion Cell phone use is classified as a Category 2B carcinogen, possibly carcinogenic. In conclusion, this means that certain risks can be achieved. And under this conclusion, a close monitoring of the relationship between cell phone use and cancer risk is underway.

However, for the benefit of risk classification and monitoring in public health, the IARC will continue to undertake a long-term follow-up study in the telephone population. Therefore, while there is still a lack of clearly conclusive information, There should be no practice to mitigate this risk by using a non-attached phone (for example, using a headset) or typing instead.

While today it is not clear enough to draw any conclusions, during the debate among researchers, About the shortcomings of various research and the rapidly changing technology that research can catch up to. Having such information is inevitable, making it possible for mobile phone users today to be aware of the risks. By reducing the use of the phone for a long time, really or not?

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