Australia mobilizes staff and volunteers Helped to push nearly 500 whales stranded on the western coast of southern Tasmania, only 108 survived. More than 350 whales died from heat and suffocation. The loss is huge and is the largest stranded whale colony in Australian history.

News informs that many whales have been euthanized. Or slaughter to get away from suffering quickly More than 15 whales had to be accelerated to bury the beach before they rot and affect the environment. Staff and volunteers had to swiftly manage all the remains of the whale. But requires many factors to help the mission Including fluctuations in the currents and winds While villagers in the area urged the transport of the remains of the whale to be buried elsewhere far away from the community.

On Sept. 23, nearly 200 pilot whales stranded on a Tasmanian beach. Causing the number of whales stranded the previous several days Raised to nearly 500 whales, more than 90 were dead. Authorities helped push only 25 whales back into deep water, assuming the whales were one herd. Because whales are considered to have a very high social connection. As for the root cause, scientists believe that it is because whales get lost during their seasonal migrations.

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