Choosing the right cleansing foam for our skin is not difficult at all. It also gives the best results. Which today we have some tips on how to choose a cleansing foam that is suitable for each person's skin type. Which facial skin type should use which cleansing foam Let's go see
1. Foam for people with dull skin.
Who is experiencing the problem of dark skin from the sun. Choose a foam containing AHA, which is an extract of citrus fruits. It will cause the dead skin cells to be shed. Along with accelerating new skin cells to occur faster So the skin looks naturally white.
2. Foam for people with dry skin.
Women with dry skin should not use lather foam. If you can choose, it is recommended to use it as a wash and do not see any bubbles. But if you can't really find it Then asked to choose one that has less foam and a liquid texture similar to milk With hyaluronic acid is the best
3. Foam for oily skin
Girls or boys with very oily skin. Caused by having large pores Therefore, the facial skin produces more oil than people with dry skin or people with small pores. But you should not wash your face more than twice a day, as this will stimulate the oil production on your face more than before. So the foam that is right for you is a foam that cleans the face a lot and can control the oiliness of the face, such as foams with charcoal.

4. For combination skin
Women who wonder if they are combination skin or not, notice this: The T-zone is the forehead, nose, chin, and is very oily. But the cheeks are not oily, like this is a combination skin girl The foam that you use should be a foam that will balance the skin and make sure it is oil-free and does not dry out your skin. You should also avoid products that contain salicylic alcohol and benzoyl peroxide, as they can dry out your face even more.
5. Foam for sensitive skin
Anyone with sensitive skin, you should know the ingredients in the products you use. เล่น เกม สล็อต The more foam, you will use the foam all over. Impossible to use as a fine, easy-to-rinse whipped foam. Or is a gel without bubbles Which must be selected with a special formula is better than other foams or gels.
6. Foam for people with acne.
Choosing a foam for people with acne, you will need to choose a foam that contains salicylic acid and lipohydroxyte. Which is one that helps make the excess oil on the face And it also makes the dirt that causes acne to come off as well.
With these options available, you can explore for yourself what kind of foam your face needs. And choose to use it according to your own skin To prevent irritation that can lead to many skin problems that