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Thread: A good movie that blogger recommends on The Sixth Sense by Muen Thip

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    Default A good movie that blogger recommends on The Sixth Sense by Muen Thip

    สล็อตThe ultimate movie that awakens the trend of "twisted movies" that many filmmakers follow Which is true that The Sixth Sense is very precise with unexpected twists. But the good of the movie is more than that.The thumbs up are the chapters of M. Night Shyamalan that can tie the story perfectly. The plot is good in itself, whether as a horror movie. That complete the eerie atmosphere, as a mysterious movie that hides clues That makes us puzzled by many events And as a living movie That reflect the substance of the marriage and the relationship of the mother and child in a thoughtful wayThe first time I saw the corner of the movie. I hurriedly hit the ticket to go back and watch the movie again to check if there was anything missing. Is there anything that makes the twist unreasonable? The result appears that the movie moves without a seam. Each scene corresponds to its conclusion. In fact, the movie secretly tells the audience many scenes. But we ourselves can't see it even though the whole story The movie was circulating, but the real "ghost stories"Not called a good movie, I don't know what to call it.
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