Reminder nano eye drops Can't solve myopia or long sight problem without wearing glasses xo auto or contact lenses. Who said that drops will solve the problem of myopia or long sight Not yet, currently social media has published. Or share information with an Israeli research team Developed nano eye drops That can solve the problem of myopia and long sight Without having to wear glasses or contact lenses From examination of the data, it was found that the nano-reagents were actually studied abroad. It was an experiment using a type of liquid that was applied to pig eyes in the laboratory. Which is an eye that is not found in live pigs It was found that the corneal refractive or visual acuity shift was approximately 200-300 units, which was only temporary in this experiment. Works in a short time Because the experiment is still in its early stages There have been no experiments on animals or living organisms. So if you have eye problems Should consult an ophthalmologist To correct treatmen