Evolution in the digital age has made continuous progress in all areas. Even in matters of materials used in the เกม jokermanufacture of clothing Expected to help take care of people's health promptly in the futureNowadays, it is easier for people to contact a doctor for treatment via online or telemedicine, which is a huge advance from the past, but in the future we may not even have to turn on a computer or a smart phone. Smartphone to do it. And just wear neat clothes onlyThat's because Researchers in Textile Science Technology, or Textile Computing, are developing sensors that can be laundered. To help measure the vital signs of the wearerToni Shaheen, CEO of Mayant, a Canadian start-up who is testing the production of the new sensor filament underwear, said the fibers the company makes are ` The sensor is already And was woven into a unique fabric To trap electrical signals from the body through the conductive fibers Which acts similarly to the electrocardiogram device used in hospitals