I must admit that sex is an activity that helps to be healthy. Blood circulation is good. And create happiness and excitement at the same time More importantly, it is a great love between two people. Well, it's good like this, so it's not strange if young and old women who are energetic are good to play with a blanket ghost. Most importantly, sometimes young people like us still endeavor to have something with other young people. Do you want to know that? Anything that is too frequent like this, will there be any problems that follow?
Many studies have found that Having sex can help stimulate the immune system. Make sleep better Lowers blood pressure Helps reduce the chance of getting prostate cancer. It is also a good exercise method to help reduce the risk of heart failure. Reduces stress Help relieve anxiety And many other benefits, but having too much sex is right. Because it can cause dehydration Causing pain in the lower back Causing bruises, pain, injury to the nerves Tense muscles make it tired and can cause a heart attack in cases of early heart disease or problems.
Not only that, according to New Health Advisor, sex may make us happier when game slot the first love is played. But it can hurt the genitals when the cable continues or continues over a long period of time. Because of the friction at the bottom for a long time It also tends to pain on his younger brother lightly. To a serious case where it can be broken at all
And what kind of sex is it called a lot? Men who have frequent and frequent sex Don't rely on hypersensitivity in advance. Let's take a look at what types of sex are considered excessive, which will vary from person to person or age. But the body might imply Whenever you feel uncomfortable or don't want to have sex When your lover asks you to play love again, that's right.
There is research from Indiana University that found that the frequency of sex varies with age. On average, people between the ages of 18 to 29 get 112 sex times a year; 30 - 39 years old have about 86 sex times a year, and the average person is 1-2 a week. You are in the criteria, do not have to think too much, but nowadays you have concerns about "Too much sex" or "rarely sex" answer !!