If you are playing the game for the first time, you can complete a tutorial that is highly recommended. There are several tutorials available for beginners to quickly familiarize you with the basics. Whether you are an EVE veteran or not, take some time to go through them before you try to spoil everything.

EVE ECHOES ENCOUNTS: How to play the Mission

It is not clear at first how the quests are to be executed, but here Echo of Eve meets them. If you click on the character icon and select the Encounters tab, you will find the quests you want to perform. Simply select one in the "Messages" section and click Accept to complete the process. Completing these quests will also unlock quests in the "History" section of the encounter, allowing you to select quests for different factions.


If you want to use PLEX to buy something interesting in Eve Echoes, you must first buy something. PLEX can be purchased via AUR or Eve Echoes ISK. All you have to do is go to the marketplace or the New Eden Store and select the pilot service. PLEX costs a lot of ISK, but that is because it is free, unlike AUR, whose purchase costs real money.

EVE ECHOES SECURITY STATUS: What are high, low and empty seconds?

The security status system of Eve Echoes affects many things in the game. It works as follows.

Seconds are essentially the security of the system and are indicated by the number next to the system on the star chart.

1 is a high second, below 0.5 is a low second and below 0 is a zero second.

The lower the seconds, the thinner the resources and the heavier the enemies are. However, low seconds and inefficiency also put you at risk of being attacked by other players

Always remember that it is a risk and reward business to venture into low and zero seconds!

EVE ECHOES Deleting characters: To start the update

Sometimes it's tempting to delete a character and start over, but unfortunately we can't find a way to delete a character in Eve Echoes at the moment. Thanks to a new patch that has been added to the feature, you can now change the look of your character.

Christmas Eve Review: How was the Christmas Eve score?

Since its release and beta, Eve Echoes has received a lot of praise, and we gave it high marks in our own Eve Echoes review. We praised it because it simplified the gameplay and still managed to capture the feel of classic Eve.

Eve Echoes Currency: What is an Omega clone?

The winning of Eve Echoes is reflected in the Omega Clone Pass, which has different levels with different benefits. Our Omega Eve Echoes manual explains the Omega clone and its levels and prizes in detail.

You need to buy resources or assemble new ships in the game, and these activities do not end without the EVE Echoes ISK (game currency). ISK is the abbreviated form of the name. It actually refers to the Star Credits. SSEGold.com is a safe place to buy EVE Echoes ISK online!

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