Anyone who likes to put a smartphone close to their body will have to adjust their behavior again. When researchers from the University of Texas of the United States. It was found that the mobile phone can affect the brain function.
By Assistant Professor Adrian Ward who co-authored the study. Experiment with slotxo almost 800 smartphone users to sit through the computer test. In which everyone is randomly placed their mobile phones in different places, face down on the table. Put it in the bag Or put it in another room But everyone has to mute their phone as well.The results showed that test participants who placed their phones in another room performed much better. Compared to the person who puts the phone on the table And did a slightly better test compared to the person who kept the phone in his pocketWhile another experiment This is a look at the behavior of smartphone users during the test. In which the mobile phones are placed in different places, ie face up on the table Put it in the bag Or put it in another room And in this experiment, some people were randomly turned off their phones. The results showed that the participants in the test had mobile behavior. Or placing the phone close to you will do the test worse than people who placed the phone far away. It was also found that whether the phone was turned off or on, placed face down or on the table All had the same results But the factor affecting the brain is the distance to place the phone. Which put the smartphone close to the body Causing a part of the brain to be attentive or to think of a mobile phone Thereby undermining brain power And makes the performance of the brain down thereHowever, it cannot be denied that Smartphones have become a part of everyone's daily life. But if you don't want your brain to work hard 24 hours a day, at least during sleep time, you don't need to communicate with anyone. It would be nice to put the phone far away.