On the podium of one of the most fan-favorite disaster movies, Roland Emmerich, the great director of disaster movies, Independence Day to 2012 (to be featured in This column also) tells of the catastrophic that will happen to the human world When the world is warming Climate change is melting the polar ice Creating a slotxo huge wave of water Flows into the cities in the upper hemisphere of the world Into the ice age The movie tells of a senior scientist played by Dennis Quaid on a journey through an ice storm. To help his son, played by Jake Jin, Hal, stranded in New York City. That is now a deserted cityFrom $ 125 million in capital, the film was a huge success. And grossed more than 550 million in revenue worldwide. The scenes that fans remember the most are The scene where giant waves of water flow into New York City. Became one of the scenes that thrilled audiences during the viewing so much, with Roland considered the godfather of this genre of filmmaking. Originally after the management of the studio. Watch the movie that has just finished editing. They say it's bad This movie must have a problem. Because it doesn't end like Happy Ending, which made Roland secretly boil down. Because he believed These events There's no way a movie will ever have a happy ending. Only certain characters will survive. And must keep fightingFun Fact - Twenty Century Fox reportedly invited the scientists to watch a special round of the film. They all said in one voice, It's not scientifically accurate. If you will come to take the realism It would not have been in this movie. But have to admit that The movie was really fun!