Rebecca Bloomwood, a shopping addict, is unable to withdraw and is sinking into the bottom of a huge debt. Rebecca wants to get into a dream job with a famous fashion magazine. Instead, he got a job as a featured column writer for a financial magazine of the same company. She hates this job So she slotxo thought she would use the same affiliate as the ladder to work in a fashion magazine. But who knows, just overnight Her column became so popular that she became a celebrity. And when a shopping addiction and debt grows Began to creep into affecting her love life and career. So she has to do a great self-revolution and organize her own life, what exactly is the most important thing in life?
Why you love this story ?: See the heroine of a shopping freak. Then felt like I saw myself We are the one who is crazy for shopping. (But maybe not as addictive as the heroine) The first time we watched this story is when we shop a lot. Perhaps you want to starve. In order to use the monthly money to buy the things that you want Buy everything If you want something, buy it all. Until one of our friends advised us to watch this story We think it teaches us a lot as well, for example, while we do not waste money. Our parents always keep the money. For what purpose? For us, he never used to accept the old, torn and torn again. But we are unashamedly new. At that time it made us think. This is one of our favorite movies