At present, our world has changed quite a lot and in various fields in terms of energy and technology as well, it can be called exponential growth. In the past, I thought that the smartphone would be photographic or be waterproof. But in the present, these things turned out to be normal.In terms of energy as well, it is not uncommon that in the future decades, the world will turn to electricity instead of less oil.So today, the Sanook! Hitech team will take your friends to get to know the energy trend on the day the world changes.As the world changes, people around the world are aware of the importance of energy and are increasingly looking to cope with the declining resources and take care of the world more. Looking for renewable energy Since the sun Electricity or the use of renewable energy is becoming a global concern. But in the past it seems that the energy pattern of the people of the world has not been moving very quickly. What we see is often new forms of energy that are distant from us.Back to the present Rapidly changing technology brings new things almost monthly. We have seen electric cars more prevalent in Japan. America and Europe All of this makes us realize that new energies are about to shift from 'trends' to reality in a way of life.Tevin Vongvanich, PTT's Chief Executive Officer and President (CEO), spoke of the likely trend in the area of ​​Thai energy. "From the adjustment to the energy price structure that the mechanism The market works and results in real costs. And the liberalization of energy will also provide an opportunity to see new players enter the market. This is what PTT itself supports, because the liberalization of energy and the real energy price structure will help to learn, understand and contribute to energy efficiency. "Khun Tevin also shared some examples of the new energy we should see increase in usage this year.LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) is natural gas that is liquefied at minus 160 ° C. This process causes the gas volume to be reduced by 600 times, for the benefit of transport far away from the production site. In order to reduce the economically ineffective pipeline transportation costs, LNG is transported by special vessels to the receiving terminal, and the LNG recovery process is carried out to natural gas. Before being sent into the pipeline for distribution to continue to useHybrid Electric VehicleIn the Sustainable Energy and Technology Program of Asia 2017 (SETA 2017) theme "Towards A Low-Carbon Society", the hybrid energy trend was highlighted by the Thai government itself. Power generation technology for low carbon emissions Energy for low-carbon transportation And smart cities and green industries To drive and develop knowledge of energy and technology continuously. This year, we focused on the hybrid and electric vehicle industry trends.Where hybrid energy is control Combine the operation of the engine and electric motor. Nowadays, Hybrid Electric Vehicles are widely sold in Thailand and are very helpful in reducing pollution in the city. It is another innovation in the development of vehicles that use alternative energy. To achieve maximum efficiency in all working conditions And this will become an ever-increasing power option.

EV TechnologyThe last energy to be mentioned is the electric vehicle or EV slotxo Technology that will increase the role and importance of the future of energy use. Electric vehicles are powered by batteries alone. Without internal combustion engine This type of motor vehicle will not contain the pollutants that occur while driving, known as Zero Emissione, which this energy trend will start to play an even bigger role.Tevin said that the main problem with EVs is the battery, the limitation now is the low capacity, expensive, and institutions including PTT and Vidyasirimedee Institute. Are doing battery research If this problem is solved, the EV will come faster. However, electric cars will be more widespread both in Japan. America and Europe For Thailand The government has set a target to support Promote the use of electric vehicles in the country to 1.2 million vehicles within 20 years in the near future. The trend of electric cars will change. And the preparation is an important matter that cannot be overlooked by PTT has foreseen and has already prepared preliminary preparation.The emerging energy crisis is forcing us to focus on other forms of energy. In our own country The government began to make a serious contribution to energy and change.