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Thread: 3 miracle herbs to relieve "knee pain"

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    Knee pain often occurs in people with weak bones, the elderly, or who may be overweight. (Also known as fat) Anyone who has knee pain willslotxoprobably know that suffering. And greatly interfere with daily life If I were to say that there are 3 wonderful herbs that can help reduce knee pain, would you try it? If you want to know what fruit is

    1. Longan The good thing about longan that will help relieve knee pain is the seeds. Take about 20 fresh longan seeds, crush them and soak them in 40-degree liquor to cover (1 bottle) and leave them for 7 days. Set a time and bring only water to apply to the knee. Or pain areas 1-2 times a day
    2. Ginger Ginger has many properties. Including pain relief And reduce inflammation within the body as well Using ginger to relieve pain is simple. By sipping ginger tea. Or drink warm water that is put into ginger for 15 minutes. In addition to knee pain, joint pain will get better. Also rejuvenated his neck But if anyone wants to treat knee pain from the outside Try using finely twisted ginger mixed with olive oil and mask it on the sore knee for 10-15 minutes.

    3. Turmeric Turmeric does not have properties, just beautify the skin only. But also treat knee pain as well Apply turmeric root powder to the affected area.
    Although knee pain can be alleviated with Thai herbs, it is easy to find, but if you have chronic knee pain Should see a doctor for permanent treatment is best.
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