When we want to wash away the dirt that carries We can do it easily. By taking a joker shower to pay off various stains Until it is clean and clean Before drying with a towel But many people may not be able to realize that the towel may be a reservoir near the disease. That we all overlook And bring germs back to our bodies that are thought to be clean and safeTowelA towel is an essential item in your home that anyone will need. We will use a towel to absorb the water and moisture left over from the shower to wash away the dirt. But the towel doesn't just absorb water and moisture. But still get dead epidermal cells And bacteria that are attached to our skin as well When the bacteria are attached to a cloth that is properly humid like a towel Will be able to incubate the population To become a reservoir of germs to be possible in the end Or some people may be exposed to the virus from outside. And stuck in the towel when wiping clean Moreover Humidity is also a good factor in the growth of mold, so towels are a reservoir of pathogens that may contain mold. Bacteria And the virus itselfGerms on the towel Can it really spread it on other people?
Various pathogens Whether there are viruses, fungi and bacteria that accumulate on the towel. Can spread others who come to use that towel And may cause skin irritation And increases the risk of infection on the skin Especially bacteria Staphylococcus It is often spread through the towel as well.How do towels spread germs?There are 3 main methods for spreading the infection through towels:If you share towels with others This germ could be spread to other people who share towels with you.During washing May cause infection with skin pathogensIf you wash towels with other clothes The germs may spread to clothing.