Are you planning to buy a laptop? Great, this the perfect time to buy, with both commercial and educational benefits.

After the covid pandemic, the whole world is pushed to become digital with more pressure than at any time before in history. Most of our work and education is started to shift digital at a greater pace.

With so many options available to buy laptops, it is going to be difficult to choose from, we at chromext provide you a curated list of all the laptops from different brands with full feedback and review, as per your working and gaming needs.

If you are a beginner to going to buy it for the first time, it will suggest you go with under 30000 or 40000 laptops.

This 30000- 40000 range laptops are best for students, who are going to use it for online classes, basic gaming, or basic coding.

Apart from this, many other works can be done. Also best for people who may have to work in MS- Office and online surfing and watching videos online.

If you are a little passionate about gaming, then I will suggest you increase your budget a little higher from the 50000 to 60000 range of laptops.

This is not going to be the top high-end gaming laptops, this is a budget gaming laptop. If you have large money to spend on gaming then there is no limit to gaming hardware.

Lastly, I want to say you that, technology is changing very rapidly. we are regularly updated our list on the website, to provide you with the best possible budget option to choose from.