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Thread: Create a Character!

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    Default Create a Character!

    (Yes, this is like the Dynasty Warriors thread of the same name, but Samurai Warriors.)










    Story/Story Mode:

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    Samurai Warriors character! (based on me! (Tyler))

    Name: Tai Yamamato (random Japanese surname lol)

    Age: 13

    Height: 4 ft 8

    Body: short, slim

    Description: light skin, dark brown, short, shaggy hair, brown eyes

    Clothing: ninja tunic, pants, vest. headband, kitsune mask (looks like Okami), tabi socks, sandals.

    Weapon: mainly uses ninjutsu (or any type of martial arts). Or uses ninja weapons like throwing stars, daggers, kunai, etc. "Weapon" is called "Craftiness"

    Daimyo: follows other ninjas, or follows most powerful daimyo at the moment

    Moveset: kicks, punches, throws, flips, martial arts sweetness, and powers from Japanese gods.

    Quotes: officer defeated - "What? I was too fast for ya?" 1,000 KO - "They should try harder!" musou start - "This'll be fun!" musou end - "Just give up already!" help - I need some help... so hurry up already!" defeat - "What the heck, guys?!" slain - "I had some fun... I guess."

    Story: Young ninja who is currently being trained by many ninjas, including Kunoichi, Nene, Hanzo Hattori, and Kotaro Fuma. He enjoys learning about history, art, and the ways of the ninja. He is teased because of his short height, but doesn't mind - although he makes whoever teases him regret it.
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    Name:Nobunaga Kashi



    Description:Same Skin colors as Nobunaga Oda Black Hair Long Hair

    Clothing:Same Clothing as Nobunaga Oda but more bigger than Nobunaga Oda,Red Horns,Red Glowing Skin on the face

    Weapon:Mostly use for Nobunaga Oda but has Red Glowing Stuff On The Blade

    Daimyo:Follow Spy Captain and Follow Kotaro Fuma

    Moveset:High Kicks,Powerful Punchs,Long Distance Throw

    Quotes:Enemy Officers Defeated-"It just that simple" 1000 KO-"Hmmm" Musou Starts-"Don't Push Back" Musou Ends-"Run Away" Help-"I can't belive" Defeat-"My Fate of the land has....ended" Slain-"I had been defeated by a scum

    Story:Nobunaga Kashi was Nobunaga Brother Nobunaga Joins forces with Hediyoshi after defeating the Devil of Shimazu he were trained by Yukimura Sanada

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    Name: Hideyoto Honganji (Was Takamoto Honganji, later becomes Hideyoto Toyotomi)

    Force: Honganji - Toyotomi - Western Army

    Age: 23

    Weapons: A Crossbow and Sword

    Clothes: Cao Pi's DW5 Clothes, in Green, slightly smaller cape, with some armor over the chest and top of legs

    • Defense of Ise Nagashima
    • Invasion of Osaka Bay
    • Battle of Komaki Nagakute
    • Invasion of Shikoku
    • Invasion of Odawara
    • Battle of Kusegawa
    • Battle of Sekigahara
    • DREAM - Alliance Against Nobunaga

    Bio: The nephew of Kennyo Honganji, Hideyoto fought against the Oda with the Honganji, Ikki Ikki, Saika and Miyoshi. After Nobunaga's death, Hideyoto joined Hideyoshi Hashiba, and helped him defeat Ieyasu Tokugawa and Ujimasa Hojo. Hideyoto was adopted by Hideyoshi, granting his name of Toyotomi. At Sekigahara, the Western Army Officers treated him like royalty, as he was Hideyoshi's son, but Hideyoto demanded he be treated like any soldier. He died defending his brother Hideyori with Yukimura Sanada at Osaka.
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    Name:Shingenaga Takeda




    ClothesW6 Zhao Yun Clothes,In Red Armor,Light Green Scarf, Black Hair

    *Invasion Of Osaka Castle
    *Seige Of Odani Castle
    *Battle Of Sekigahara
    Dream Stage-Anegawa

    Bio:When Shingenaga Takeda Take Revenge On Morichika Coshokabe Shengenaga Join Forces With The Takeda The Takeda advance to Sekigahara To defeat the Tokugawa and the takeda join forces with The Westren Army

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    Name: Muneyoshi Yagyu

    Age: 22
    Height: 6'2''

    Weapon: Long Spear
    Weapon Name: Lofty Spear -- Vermillion Spear -- Blaze Spear -- Raging Inferno

    Alleigance: Matsunaga -- Oda/Tokugawa -- Hashiba (Toyotomi) -- Eastern Army

    Bio: Muneyoshi was a young warrior from Yamato. He served the Tsutsui (who in turn served the Miyoshi), but when Hisahide Matsunaga attacked Yamato Muneyoshi joined him. He eventually rose to Hisahide's greatest general, and successfully defeated the Oda and Ashikaga forces on multiple occasions. After Hisahide's second defeat at Mt Tamon, Muneyoshi grew weary and joined the Oda. At the Battle of Nagashino he met Ieyasu Tokugawa and Tadakatsu Honda, whom he became acquaintanced with. he served Hideyoshi during his reign as ruler, but at the Battle of Sekigahara he sided with the East and fought for them along with his son Munenori.

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    Default Create a Character

    yes if the game doesnt allow you to create a character post here cause it dont for me but with the help of a ticket i can help us all

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    Name: Takanobu Ujitsune (adopted by Junkei Tsutsui, later becomes Toshikata Tsutsui)

    Weapon: Naginata

    Weapon Names:
    1st Weapon - Bamboo Blade
    2nd Weapon - Iron Naginata
    3rd Weapon - Dawn Sun
    4th Weapon - Dusk Sun
    5th Weapon - Midnight Moon

    Alleigance: Tsutsui - Tsutsui (Oda) - Daimyo of Tsutsui (remains neutral but gives support to Hideyoshi) - Eastern Army - Daimyo

    • Battle of Yamato (Tsutsui vs Miyoshi)
    • Battle of Shizugatake (Oda/Tsutsui vs Mori)
    • The Suzuki/Iga Skirmish (Tsutsui vs Suzuki/Momochi)
    • Invasion of Gifu Castle (Eastern Army vs Western Army)
    • Battle of Mikatagahara (Date/Tsutsui/Saika vs Tokugawa/Miyamoto)

    Bio: Takanobu was the 2nd son of Yoshinaga Ujitsune, a retainer under Anegakoji. Adopted by Junkei Tsutsui, he became the eldest son and heir, and changed his name. A gifted warrior and leader, he led successful campaigns for his father. When Junkei died Toshikata (Takanobu) took the position as Daimyo of Yamato, and defeated Suzuki and the Iga Clans. He sided with the Eastern Army along with his young cousin Sadatsugu, helping achieve victory at Gifu Castle in Mino. After Sekigahara, Toshikata joined Masamune and Magoichi's rebellion against Ieyasu. For his efforts Toshikata was given control of Kansai/Kinai.

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    Name: Katakana Akimoto

    Age: 19

    Body: 5 ft 7

    Description: Light skin, messy, black hair, blue eyes

    Clothing: Black Armour, Black Cloak. (Much like Cao Pi's DW6 costume in Black)

    Weapons: 1st: Scimitar
    2nd: Burning Blade
    3rd: Loyalty
    4th: Lord and Land
    5th: Brotherhood

    Daimyo: Firstly Kenshin Uesugi, then served Shingen Takeda after Kawanakajima.

    Moveset: Slashes in all directions, spins, and Ninja Stars

    Quotes: Officer Defeated: "Hmph... Pitiful." 1,000 K.O's: "Your Final days are over!" Musou Start: ""Can you handle this?" Musou End: "I thought not..." True Musou Start: "For Lord and Land!!!" True Musou End: "You shal be annihilated!"

    Story: Katakana was thrown into combat at age 6, he was taught to brandish many weapons; Swords, Spears, Halberds, Throwing Stars, and many more. He excelled as an exemperally warrior, and by the time he was 12, he could beat his father in any form of combat. He was soon enrolled in the Uesugi Army, where he fought in the battle of Kawanakajima along with his brother Jisakana. During the battle both his brother and he where defeated, but taken in by Yukimura Sanada. Katakana died at 19, 2 years after Kawanakajima, by an Archer Ambush, while attempting to free his brother from capture, he withstood 6 arrows before he fell.

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    Name: Tanadatsi Taketsuchi
    Life Span: 26 July 1552 - 13 May 1583
    He was adopted by Shingen Takeda (soon became Tanadatsi Takeda) but betrayed him and killed him and then adopted by Tokugawa Ieyasu (soon became Tanadatsi Tokugawa) but surrendered from him and then adopted by Nobunaga Oda (soon became Hamasashi Nobunaga) but killed him) but returned to Tanadatsi Taketsuchi.

    Weapon: Two Long-Bladed Katana

    Weapon Names:
    1st Weapon - Knight's Vow
    2nd Weapon - Blood Pride
    3rd Weapon - Eagle Honor
    4th Weapon - Phoenix Fall
    5th Weapon - Dragon Fire

    Allegiance: Takeda --> Taketsuchi --> Tokugawa --> Oda --> Taketsuchi


    * Siege of Hachigata (1568) Takeda vs Hojo
    * Siege of Odawara (1569) Takeda vs Hojo
    * Battle of Mimasetoge (1569) Takeda vs Hojo
    * Battle of Fukazawa (1571) Takeda vs Hojo
    * Battle of Futamata (1572) Takeda vs Tokugawa
    * Battle of Mikatagahara (1573) Takeda vs Tokugawa
    * Siege of Noda (1573) Taketsuchi vs Sadamichi vs Takeda
    * Siege of Takatenjin (1574) Taketsuchi vs Tokugawa vs Takeda
    * Siege of Yoshi (1575) Tokugawa vs Takeda
    * Battle of Temmokuzan (1582) Oda/Tokugawa vs Takeda/Oyamada
    * Siege of Takato (1582) Oda/Tokugawa vs Takeda
    * Siege of Uozu (1582) Oda vs Uesugi
    * Battle of Honno-ji (1582) Taketsuchi/Aketchi vs Oda
    * Battle of Yamazaki (1582) Taketsuchi/Aketchi vs Hideyoshi
    * Battle of Uchidehama (1582) Taketsuchi/Aketchi vs Date/Hideyoshi
    * Battle of Shizugatake (1583) Taketsuchi/Shibata/Oda/Sakuma/Aketchi vs Hideyoshi/Date/Tokugawa/Goemon/Maeda/Ishida/Uesugi/Nagamasa


    Defeats Officer: I shall defeat you exactly the same Nagaretsu!
    Slays Officer: You are my enemy, Nagaretsu, and watch me reach you
    Kills Fifty: I fight.
    Kills A Hundred: Well, let us continue this tragedy until you end it.
    Kills A Thousand: Ha ha ha ha! Nagaretsu, beat me now!
    Defeats Shingen Takeda: I will allow you to go now, Takeda. But I will get you back soon so keep on guard.
    Slays Shingen Takeda: Ha ha ha ha! Are you watching this, Father?!
    Defeats Tokugawa Ieyasu: Fool, I can't stand you!
    Slays Tokugawa Ieyasu: Be severed into ten. And I called you great once ago. Ha!
    Defeats Nobunaga Oda: I fight in the name of my own father, Nobunaga!
    Slays Nobunaga Oda: Tch, good riddance to bad nonsense. I... err... Sorry about the blood, cleaners.
    Defeats Toyomoto Hideyoshi: You are a son of a... Grr...
    Slays Toyomoto Hideyoshi:


    Tanadatsi Taketsuchi is the name of the young warrior son of Shingen Takeda's sixth of seven sons. His father reluctantly allowed his sons except his youngest to enter the sieges of Hachigata and Odawara. Following the two successful and unsuccessful battles against the Hojo, Shingen slew Noyubani Taketsuchi, Tanadatsi's father, married his mother and adopted Tanadatsi. Tanadatsi believed Shingen's story that he died in battle.

    Winning more wars, Shingen's trust in his adopted son to fight his battles for him so he takes some time to rest. After four years of believing his side, during a few battles against Tokugawa Ieyasu, he learns that his father was murdered by his adopted father. In anger, he flocks his brothers and tells them his plan. So his brothers stay and pretend that Tanadatsi's left to rest while he really left for Tokugawa's side.

    Before he was successful, he had to defeat both Sadamichi and Tokugawa while pretending to help Shingen but destroying them too. At Yoshi, he eventually tricked Shingen into coming. Kindly feeding him, Tokugawa arrived to ambush Shingen. Shingen ordered Tanadatsi to fight but instead, he took a script off of him and then killed him. He took most of the remnant troops and left to take the last bits of them.

    With Nobunaga Oda assisting them, they easily conquered the remains. By 1575, Tanadatsi had grown tired and retired from war. However, by 1576, he took another search to find a Daimyo capable of ruling Japan. His long roam had led him to Ramnaru Mori, a homosexual man he thought was a woman. Almost lured by him, he follows the general to Nobunaga Oda who adopts him as his own son to keep him in order.

    Until 1582, Tanadatsi lived in luxury without doubt that Nobunaga wouldn't be able to rule the country. Being counted as successful as Toyomoto Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu made them jealous and made him realise he had to prove his vapor in battle. So he joined the campaign to be rid of Shingen's descendants. As soon as they had been cleared and countered, Uesugi's army counter-attacked. Nobunaga aggressively fought. Allowing them to enter a deciphering war, Tanadatsi and Aketchi joined teams to sneak and slay Nobunaga.

    At Honno-ji, Tanadatsi and Aketchi sneaked past the guards entering the top castle floors. Nobunaga races up to the second to the top to collect a jewel. The pair race to the third highest and the third of five. Nobunaga orders the top floor soldiers to return off duty and get night guards on duty. The two kill the alone Nobunaga and hide his body, escaping the castle. As soon as they escaped, they had Hideyoshi and Masamune Date on their backs.

    After two battles, Aketchi was killed. Losing the closest man in his life, Tanadatsi sliced his way through enemies. Allied with Shibata and Sakuma, the fight against Hideyoshi was nothing. Date, Tokugawa, Goemon, Maeda, Ishida, Uesugi and Nagamasa clans assisted Hideyoshi. Slaying Shibata became a downfall for the Date clan who were put down and slaughtered. Killing Goemon and Maeda clans were simple. Sakuma was killed by Uesugi. Tanadatsi closed himself down, as he died upon the floor from a blow by Ishida.

    In a last stand attempt, he tried to kill Uesugi but failed. After succeeding in faking his death, he surprised the leaders and beheaded Ishida. He cut through Uesugi's heart from behind. Goemon's guts were severed out and Maeda's neck was split. He ducked a blow and brained Hideyoshi. Nagamasa's body was finally cut in half after a one-on-one duel, which after trying his best, Nagamasa was slain. In anger, Tanadatsi raced to Aketchi and sadly mourned him.

    However, Tokugawa Ieyasu survived the attack. He readied to slay Tanadatsi but he span around and diced Tokugawa's body horizontally in ten. He then moved down to Aketchi's side. Aketchi sat up, in a dying manner and moved to Tandatsi's side and smiled. Together, they committed Seppuku and while feeling dying pains, died during giving each other a hug, how they both really died this time. That was the most mortal, fatal and tragic battle that Japan, Asia and Earth had ever seen.

    P.S. He was a very good strategist and he could play his cards right. Speaking of that, he was a famous strip poker player and one of the most tragic people ever to commit seppuku.
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