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Thread: Create a Character!

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    Name: Masayuki Sanada

    Age: 50

    Description: A wise strategist for the Takeda and the diamyo of the Sanada clan

    Clothing: black armor with red vest and a small red helmet

    Weapon: katana and a small war fan

    Daimyo: Takeda, Toyotomi


    • officer select "Time to make use of my strategies"
    • 100 kills "That's what you get when messing with me!"
    • 1000 kills "Taste the might of the Sanada strategy!"
    • officer defeated "An other defeated by me"
    • attack "Be prepared! I shall send you to the next world!"
    • withdrew "How can my strategy fail?"
    • die "Looks like my time is up."
      • "Yukimura....Nobuyuki..... the future of the Sanada is in your.....hands."
    • quoting:
      • Shingen Takeda "My lord your might shall go down in legend!"
      • Yukimura Sanada "Nice Yukimura, keep up the good work!"
      • Kunoichi "You are indeed the Sanada's guardian."

    Story/Story Mode:

    • Battle of Kawanakajima
    • Battle of Mikatagahara
    • Battle of Temmokuzan
    • Defense of Ueda castle
    • Siege of Osaka castle (dies before persuading Yukimura not to charge at the Tokugawa's camp)
    • Dream: Battle of Sekigahara

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    Name: Gachiha Jubi

    Age: 12

    Body: 3 ft 5

    Description: Light Skin, Light Brown Hair, Black Eyes

    Clothing: Pink Dress with darkish Pink on the shoulder

    1st - Twin Fans
    2nd - Great Fans
    3rd - Dragon Grace
    4th - Shadow Light
    5th - Infinity Winds

    Daimyo: Follow Only Kotaru Fuma

    Moveset: Make Huge Wind Attack with Fans, Make A Tornado with both Fans

    Quotes: Enemy Defeated "Am lucky" 1000 KO "Am the best" Musou Start "Double Lovely Fan" Musou End "Take that" True Musou Starts "Am Furious!" Slain "Impossible" Defeated "I Will be back"

    Story/Story Mode
    Sister of Nene. She was trained by Nene, after that, She joined Kotaru Fuma to defeat Nobunaga.

    Story Mode-
    *Seige Of Yoshi
    *Seige Of Noda
    *Seige Of Uozu
    *Battle Of Yamazaki
    *Battle Of Shizutakage
    *Battle Of Honno-Ji (Dream Mode)

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    Post KT games

    KT games are the best ther are swords we kill we dont die

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    Name: Hideaki Kobayakawa
    Age: 25

    Affiliation: Mori -- Toyotomi -- Western Army -- Eastern Army

    Weapon: A katana and a large dagger
    Sword & Knife
    Katana & Dagger
    Day & Night
    Yin & Yang
    Honesty & Treachery

    Appearance: Yellow armour, with a crimson helmet
    Bio: A servant of the Mori Clan, he was the son of Takakage Kobayakawa. He joined the ranks of the Toyotomi along with the rest of the Mori clan, and served in many battles as a supporting officer. Later he was granted rank and a small fiefdom in Chikuzen Province along with the Otomo and Tachibana. When the Battle of Sekigahara arrived he was initially with the West, but had promised to defect to the East. He did so rather hesitantly after Ieyasu fired upon him, and he was granted Bizen and Mimisaka. He died two years later, after supposedly going mad.

    Battle of Osaka Bay - Mori vs Oda
    Battle of Komaki-Nagakute - Toyotomi vs Tokugawa
    Invasion of Shikoku - Toyotomi vs Chosokabe
    Invasion of Kyushu - Toyotomi/Tachibana vs Shimazu
    Battle of Gifu - Western Army vs Eastern Army
    Battle of Sekigahara - Kobayakawa vs Western Army vs Eastern Army (whichever one he attacks first will become his enemy, and the other team shall become his allies)
    Dream Battle: Assualt on Edo Castle - Toyotomi Allies vs Tokugawa

    Officer select - "I shall go forth, for my allies!"
    Officer defeated - "I do know how to fight you know!"
    Met in battle - "I am an officer of the Mori Clan! I will not be defeated!"
    Defeated - "Pull back! I will survive!"
    Defeated 1000 troops - "I didn't know I had it in me."
    Killed - "Did I really die for the right cause?..."
    Special quotes:
    To Ieyasu - "My Lord! I shall go forth immediately!"
    To Mitsunari - "Mitsunari, can the Toyotomi really survive?"
    To Sakon - "I am not a child! I will prove my worth!"
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    Name: Yoshinobu Satake
    Age: 27

    Affiliation: Satake (Under his father Yoshishige) --- Satake (as Daimyo) --- Sanada --- Toyotomi --- Western Army

    Weapon: Twin Axes
    Dual Axes
    Dual Vipers
    Thunder & Lightning
    Fire & Ice

    Appearance: Golden helmet with a crimson plume; red armour with white clothes underneath, and a Satake clan symbol on the front.
    Bio: The eldest child of Yoshishige "Ogre" Satake, Yoshinobu inherited his fathers skill in warfare and leadership, as well as a knack for strategy and politics. Yoshinobu was a man who loved peace and went to war in an attempt to end the chaos, as well as protect his home province. A charismatic and popular man, Yoshinobu led the armies of Hitachi on behalf of his father, fighting with the Takeda and Sanada against the Uesugi, Hojo and Ashina clans. When his father died he inhertied the position of daimyo, and he increased his position by subjugating the Ashina and forming an alliance between the Satake, the Takeda, the Hojo and the Ito. After the defeat of the Takeda at Nagashino, Yoshinobu sided with the Sanada and aided them, and later joined Hideyoshi Toyotomi with them. After Hideyoshi's death, Yoshinobu chose to stay with Yukimura Sanada and Kanetsugu Naoe in the Western Army, fighting Ieyasu once more.

    Skirmish in Hitachi - Satake vs Ogasawara
    Battle of Mimase Pass - Takeda/Satake vs Hojo
    Battle of Tonegawa - Takeda/Satake/Hojo vs Uesugi/Date
    The Great Tohoku Battle - Takeda/Satake/Sanada vs Uesugi/Mogami vs Date/Ashina
    Siege of Ueda Castle - Sanada Allies vs Tokugawa
    Invasion of Odawara - Toyotomi vs Hojo
    Battle of Hasedo - Uesugi/Satake vs Date
    Siege of Numata Castle - Sanada/Satake/Uesugi vs Eastern Army
    Assault on Edo - Toyotomi/Western Army vs Tokugawa
    Officer select - "For the peace and prosperity, I shall rise!"
    Officer defeated - "Thats another one down!"
    Met in battle - "You dare to come before the son of an ogre? Very well!"
    Defeated - "Retreat, we must live to fight another day."
    Defeated 1000 troops - "The Warring States will fall before my might!"
    Killed - "My friends.... please.... bring peace..."
    Special quotes:
    To Yukimura - "My Lord Yukimura, we are generals of peace!"
    To Kanetsugu - "I share your dreams of justice and peace Kanetsugu, let us work together!"
    To Sakon - "Remember when we would fight together under Shingen, Sakon?"
    To Ieyasu - "You are a spectre of ambition that threatens my home and the peace, you must fall Tokugawa!"

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