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Thread: favourite music tracks

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    Default favourite music tracks

    if this topics already been made just lock or delete it or something.

    in the Dynasty Warriors series the music has changed alot but it has always been good. i just wanted to know which dynasty warriors had peoples favourite music on and which tracks they are.

    for me it is DW6. i have 4 favourites and 1 track which is just the best for me.

    the best for me is the Xu Chang track called 'Welcome to China' if i'm not mistaken.

    my four favourites in order are:

    1. it is heard in the battle of Jing Province and i think the conquest of wu territory but there are others too. it is under the title assault in the the sound menu but it is called ' Oriental rush' i believe.

    2. really aptly named it so works for the battle which is Wu Zhang Plains
    its called 'Genius' sanctuary'

    3. this track always gets me excited in the battle i dont know why it just has that buzz. from the battle of He Fei castle. named 'Great Giant' i think.

    4. i dont think its as good as the music from DW5's version of this music track but its still great. the battle of He Fei. i'm not sure but i think its called 'Tropical Wars or comething similar.

    anyway thats my opinion hhow about you?
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    We do have 4 topics on individual Dynasty Warriors music discussions ranging from DW3 to DW6 right here:

    As to my favorite music tracks go, I already listed them in the topics linked above.

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