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Thread: Create Your Own Battle

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    Name: Battle of He Nei

    Size: Like Han Zhong, except all mountains in the north, and the river running in the north west

    Mountains: None (except in map)

    Castles: He Nei Castle and Xi He port (on the river)

    Forces: Cao Cao/Yang Biao vs Li Jue/Zhang Ji/Yang Feng vs White Wave Bandits (Han Xian and later Guo Si joins them)

    Targets: Cao Cao's force=
    1. Defeat Xu Huang in 15 mins
    2. Capture Xi He Port in 15 mins
    3. Defeat all officers, and take Xi He and He Nei Castle in 20 mins

    Li Jue's force:
    1. Defeat Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan and Cao Ren in 10 mins
    2. Defeat Xu Zhu and Dian Wei after taking Xi He Port
    3. Defeat Cao Cao before Han Xian

    Victory Conditions
    Cao Cao Force - Defeat Han Xian, Guo Si, Li Jue and Yang Feng
    Li Jue Force - Defeat Cao Cao,Yang Biao and Han Xian, and capture He Nei Castle and Xi He port

    Defeat Conditions:
    Cao Cao Force: Cao Cao or Yang Biao dies
    Li Jue Force: Li Jue or Guo Si (when on team) dies

    Special Events:
    • After 5 mins Guo Si defects to Han Xian's side (this occurs for both playable forces [Cao Cao and Li Jue])
    • If Xu Huang is beaten in 15 mins when playing as Cao Cao he joins your team
    • Cao Hong, Cao Chun and Xi Zhicai arrive as reinforcements for Cao Cao
    • Hu Che Er and Fu Wei (made up character) arrive as reinforcements for Li Jue

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    How Big Is It:Bigger than shi ting

    Mountain:5 mountain

    Base:5 base

    Name:Battle Of Xia Castle

    What Forces:Shu Forces And Wei Forces

    What Team It Has:Shu Forces-Liu Bei,Guan Yu,Zhao Yun,Zhuge Liang,Yue Ying,Guan Ping,Zhang Fei And Jian Young Wei Forces-Cao Cao,Xiahou Dun,Xiahou Yuan,Zhang Liao,Zhen Ji,Xu Huang,Zhang He,Cao Zhang And Cao Zhen

    Victory:Liu Bei Escape Or Cao Cao Is Defeated

    Defeat:Liu Bei Defeated

    What Gonna Happen Inside The Battle:Liu Bei Going To Advance To MT.Jizo
    Guan Yu Is Going To Mt.Jizo And Defend The Front
    Xiahou Yuan Is Going to defeat Yue Ying To Decrease Zhuge Liang Morale
    Guan Ping Is Going To Assist Yue Ying
    Liu Bei Is Advaning To The Escape Point
    Zhang He Will Disappear
    Zhang He Will Appear Front Of Liu Bei
    Xu Huang Will Advance To Liu Bei From The East
    Cao Cao Appear

    Target:1.Defeat Xu Huang And Xiahou Dun In 5 Minutes 2.Lead Liu Bei To The Escape Point In 10 Minutes 3.Defeat Cao Cao In 2 Minutes In Appearance

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    How Big Is It: A little smaller than WuZhang Plains

    Mountains: 1

    Bases: 9

    Name: Battle of Chu Castle (note: this is completely made up)

    What Forces: Wu vs. Cao Pi | Wei vs. Wu | Shu vs. Wu | Wu vs. Allied

    Victory: Wu side 1- defeat Cao Pi or take Chu castle
    Wei side- defeat Sun Quan or take Chu castle
    Shu side- defeat Cao Cao or take Chu castle
    Wu side 2- defeat Liu Bei and Cao Cao

    Defeat: Wu side 1- Sun Quan is defeated
    Wei side- Cao Cao is defeated
    Shu side- Liu Bei is defeated
    Wu side 2- Sun Quan is defeated or Chu castle is taken

    What Happens Inside The Battle: Wu 1: Cao Cao arrives 10 min after battle starts, Gan Ning comes as reinforcements and for supplies When you take 4 bases
    Wei: Taishi Ci and Lu Xun arrive when you get in castle
    Shu: same as Wei
    Wu 2: Cao Cao's reinforcements come when your side defeats 10 officers in battle.

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    Name: The Battle of Shan Dou Castle
    How Big It Is: Roughly 25 squared kilometres.
    Castles: Shan Dou Castle (Based on Mt. Jiu Kang)
    You Du Castle (4 miles north-west of Mt. Que Tai)
    Chon Weng Port (0.5 miles south of Kui Jiang River)
    Mountains: Mt. Dong He (The centre of the battle)
    Mt. Que Tai (3 miles north of Mt. Dong He)
    Mt. Jui Kang (8 miles south-east of Que Tai)
    Rivers: Kui Jiang River (3 miles south of Mt. Jui Kang)


    Wei Army vs Shu Army/Wu Army vs Allied Forces
    Cao Cao com Liu Bei/Sun Quan com Meng Huo


    Wei Army - Defeat Liu Bei, Sun Quan and take all three mountains
    Shu Army/Wu Army - Defeat Cao Cao and take Shan Dou Castle
    Allied Forces - Defeat Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Quan, and occupy every area

    Wei Army - Cao Cao is defeated or Shan Dou Castle is taken
    Shu Army/Wu Army - Liu Bei and Sun Quan is defeated or You Du Castle is taken
    Allied Forces - All officers are defeated or Mt. Dong He is taken

    Wei Army - Shan Dou Castle and Mt. Que Tai
    Shu Army/Wu Army - You Du Castle, Chon Weng Port and Mt. Jui Kang
    Allied Forces - Mt. Dong He

    • "Hmm... We can easily lose a battle thought out so unwisely. We'll watch the foe's movements." - Zhuge Liang.
    • "We must remain calm and in the process watch Cao Cao's very movements. Like the Strategist said, we'll wait and see if Cao Cao will strike first!" - Liu Bei
    • "They all look like idiots! Cao Pi, hold the mountain, Xiahou Dun, I entrust the castle to you. I am to see who patrols the valleys amongst the river! If the mountain is safely secure and the castle is defended then I will see to it that we complete our missions." - Cao Cao
    • "We are quite a sly army! Zhang Jiao, I want you to attack Cao Cao and reach Mt. Dong He. There are prizes for you when you return." - Meng Huo
    • "Zhang Jiao? That beast has since not been ridden of since the last time we met. I will make sure precisely that he does not see the wake of tomorrow's day and will never see another sunlight." - Cao Cao
    • "Wow, precisely, he does not give up. Maybe, he wants Chon Weng Port. What ever it is, Zhou Tai, he will not get. Zhou Yu, it is up to you and I to crush Cao Cao's forces. Send Liu Bei the ready to lauch the first wave. Tch! I am aching for a fight." - Sun Quan
    • "Yikes! Zhang Jiao has reached Mt. Jui Kang already. Our only need is to invade the castle. If that Zhou Yu wishes to send the wave so soon, then so be it." - Zhuge Liang
    • "Dong Zhuo, there is a final part to our domination. Mt. Que Tai is just waiting for us. With Zhang Jiao crazy, we can defeat Cao Cao. Rebel against him and join me. Any way of a reason or excuse to leave the castle and the fires will burn like a beauty." - Meng Huo
    • "Gwaha! This mountain is a beauty! Just like you said, fires are a way to peace! Now it is just left to slay Cao Cao our very... SELVES!" - Dong Zhuo
    • "Quiet, now. We shall leave this battle, Cao Cao. We leave in peace. This shall be the last time you shall hear of us. We now take our leave of you." - Sun Quan
    • "Hmm... We have fairly lost this battle, Cao Cao. It is just right we pull back from your garrisons and take our part of this battle. The next time we cross paths again shall be after you rightfully take the throne of Han and create your own empire at your hands. Farewell... For now." - Liu Bei
    • "Do I hear this? Lord Xiahou Dun and Cao Pi, let the enemy go. Sun Quan and Liu Bei are leaving now. I think Liu Bei asked me to create an empire over the Han. However, that is not my main intention. Take the lands of the north. This land shall be mine!" - Cao Cao
    • "Well! If you take the lands of the northern segment than you shall equally find that I am to take all of the lands south to the river and slightly south to yours. Don't worry, China will be ours soon anyways!" - Meng Huo
    • "Dong Zhuo? Zhang Jiao? You wish to join Cao Cao? You treacherous rats. I shall grind you within my feet. Wait. I've got it! Forget killing you both. Cao Cao, I hear, does not want an empire? That means he is faithful to his country. He is a good lord after all." - Meng Huo
    • "What? Xiahou Yuan is struggling at the capital with a rebellion? Every one, we return to the capital at once. It is our time to quit the battle too and leave this war as a stalemate and finish the rebels off!" - Cao Cao
    • "Well, well, well. Zhang Jiao and Dong Zhuo! We shall cover the force with our feet and hands. The true land is ruled by I, Meng Huo! Now, Zhang Jiao, gather all the wine and the food, and Dong Zhuo, bring me the women!" - Meng Huo
    • "So, just as expected. Sima Yi couldn't wait to rebel! The riddance of Cao Cao does every one good. Now even newlyweds Dong Zhuo and Zhang Jiao have rebelled alongside the monster elephantine. We shall destroy them and bring a final peace. Liu Bei, you do us an extreme good." - Sun Quan
    • "Well, the north and the south is governed with our land. All we have to do is construct a force and rid of the centre. I am going to take the ship to our soon-to-be home." - Zhou Yu
    • "HAHAHA! Cheng Pu, Huang Gai, Xu Sheng, Lu Meng. Is a river good enough for you? Hey? Is a castle good enough for you? You have a whole KINGDOM! Let me remain in mine. What? Cao Pi, Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan have rebuilt Shan Dou Castle? HAHAHA! It's all failing. WHAT ON EARTH HAVE YOU DONE WRONG ZHANG JIAO? DONG ZHUO AND ZHANG JIAO, MAKE ME GLAD BY KILLING THEM ALL! SUN QUAN, LIU BEI, ZHOU YU, CAO PI, ZHUGE LIANG! THE LOT OF THEM!" - Meng Huo
    • "Well. What an estate. I see that you was not good enough for us, Meng Huo. Dong Zhuo and Zhang Jiao, have you no shame?" - Cao Pi
    • "This battle has been destroyed by the rebellion of Sima Yi. Now my own son goes against me? I will teach him how to behave like a man!" - Cao Cao
    • "Well, I have found a peace whether it was in Shan Dou or Luo Yang. For ever more shall our peace continue. But there is one thing we have failed yet to do. Let us be brothers." - Cao Cao


    1. (Cao Cao stands on the summit and then mounts his horse.)(Cao Cao: Huh. Let's put this to a test.)(Liu Bei stands on a similar summit and watches Cao Cao watching him. He then nods as Cao Cao bows and walks into the castle.)(Zhuge Liang: My Lord, those grounds belong to us, and I know how to achieve it.)(Liu Bei: Whatever you do, Strategist, my trust is in alliance with you. Let us see this war through.)

    2. (Sun Quan stands on the ships with Zhou Tai and Zhou Yu on either sides. Strongly built boats float around his ship. Many ships appear and the soldiers all cheer when Sun Quan's ship lands on the docks.)

    3. (Mt. Jui Kang is completely empty. After soldiers in blue surround it, the mountain begins to shine yellow filled up by banners and clothes. Zhang Jiao laughs and then slowly stands up from his carried throne.)

    4. (Cao Cao laughs hysterically and then rides back towards his castle.)(Cao Cao: HA! So much for a bad life, I am losing my patience.)

    5. (Meng Huo rides speedingly forwards towards a non-attention paying Cao Pi.)(Cao Pi: Yes, get ready for a rebellion. Hold all sides of the summit still.)(Meng Huo rides forwards. Archers cry and fire from their caves. Meng Huo stands up on his horse which is still riding fast. He jumps off and lands right in front of Cao Pi. The horse rides over his back.)(Cao Pi: What a suprise visitor. And the rest of you should leave too.)(Meng Huo slowly stands up. Cao Pi faces his men. Meng Huo thrashes at Cao Pi and after a black screen and a blue line, Cao Pi is seen hacking at Meng Huo's heart.)

    6. (Cao Pi: And sign the treaty, Liu Bei... And Sun Quan... Thank you, we shall now leave in peace.)(Watching the new castle from the bottom of the hill, Cao Cao laughs. He rides forwards, dragging behind him a coffin. Soldiers take the coffin and begin to dig. As a hole appears they throw the coffin in so it is standing up.)(Cao Cao: Well, I see it for myself. I can defeat Sima Yi, and bury him, and then...)(Flags of green and red flash up at the castle.)(Cao Cao: They have taken our castle?)(Cao Pi stands at the summit looking around. Liu Bei walks forwards and taps Cao Pi. They clash glasses and turn around and walk.)

    7. (Cao Cao: Finally, Cao Pi, Meng You, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, you are all under my return.)(Liu Bei: We have all sworn are alliegance to the kingdom of Wei as long as all of it returns to the Emperor's favour.)(Cao Cao nodded and turned around, patting himself slowly towards the down sloped hill. He then smiled.)(Cao Cao: An oath, of peace together. Let bygones be bygones.)(Liu Bei and Sun Quan: Let bygones be bygones.)(They clashed their glasses together. Cao Cao then nods and mounts his horse sprinting down the hill and over a mound which Sima Yi is buried in. He rides off into an orange-red sky.)

    • Cao Cao marches southwards to reach Kui Jiang River.
    • Liu Bei heads south to reach Shan Dou Castle.
    • Meng Huo pleads with Zhang Jiao to cross the river and defeat Cao Cao.
    • Upon 8 minutes of battle start, Zhou Yu and Sun Quan appear at Chon Weng Port.
    • Upon 10 minutes of gameplay, Zhang Jiao appears at Mt. Jui Kang.
    • Meng Huo pleads with Dong Zhuo to rebel against Cao Cao at Mt. Que
    • Upon 15 minutes through gameplay, Dong Zhuo sets fire to the
    • Upon 18 minutes of gameplay, Zhou Yu and Sun Quan disappear.
    • Upon 19 minutes of gameplay, Liu Bei disappears.
    • Upon 20 minutes of gameplay, Cao Cao retreats back to Shan Dou
    • Cao Cao forces the defection of the northern lands.
    • Meng Huo forces the defection of the southern lands.
    • Upon 25 minutes, Meng Huo, Dong Zhuo and Zhang Jiao join Cao Cao.
    • A rebellion in the capital at Xuchang causes Cao Cao to leave the battle.
    • Upon 32 minutes of gameplay, Meng Huo rebels and covers all the land.
    • Liu Bei and Sun Quan appear in the northern territory.
    • Zhou Yu appears in Chon Weng Port.
    • Huang Gai, Cheng Pu and other Wu veterans invade the lands north of the river.
    • Cao Pi, Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan appears and re-makes Shan Dou Castle.
    • Meng Huo dies whilst riding his horse against Cao Pi.
    • Upon 45 minutes through the battle, Cao Pi, Sun Quan and Liu Bei make a peace treaty.
    • Cao Cao appears.
    • Cao Cao burys victim, Sima Yi, and then invades his son.
    • Cao Pi forces Cao Cao to be defeated and then rejoins him.
    • Liu Bei and Sun Quan join Cao Pi.
    • Cao Cao gains his lands back, and Liu Bei, Sun Quan and new leader, Meng You, agrees to serve Wei.
    • Cao Cao returns to Luo Yang and claims it his capital.
    • Cao Cao, Sun Quan and Liu Bei make an oath.
    • The battle is over under a truce and an oath of loyalty.
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    Battle Title: The Battle of Great Wall of China

    Area Size: 982 squared kilometers


    (Brown and white refer to the colours of the flags. A brown base belongs to Mongolia whilst a white base belongs to North Korea.)

    Two mountains owned by the villagers at the far west. A Great Hall at the border of the mountain and six villages surrounding the Great Hall in a semi-circle. Less than a mile from the villages is a lake owned by the villagers. Further across is Fei River with a white base across it. Further east is a white main camp and the Liao River which has another white base on it. North from the white main camp is a long slope that reaches towards the Great Wall. Just south of the wall is a fourth white base. On the wall, there are in respective order from west to east, a brown defense base, a brown attack, a brown defense, a brown supply, a brown supply, a brown supply, a brown attack, a brown defense and a brown attack. Over the wall is the You Sing Slope. Three consecutive brown bases stretch out and guard the mountainside with a wooden wall. Behind the brown bases and wall is a upper slope. Two brown attack bases right next to each other is two miles behind the wooden wall. Two brown defense bases are both diagonally behind the two attack bases creating a pointless arrow shape. Behind the brown defense bases are four consecutive brown supply bases. On the You Sing Slope behind the four brown supply base lies You Sing Castle which ends the slope. To the east and west of You Sing Castle lies paths that lead to cliff edges which is a spot for ambushes. On each cliff is a brown base. North to You Sing Castle is a long six mile path that leads to a brown base. Behind the brown base is Bai Ma Castle where four brown bases surround and defend the walls. A secret passage leads to Bai Ma Maze. Five brown bases were in Bai Ma Maze from the east and the west. Behind Bai Ma Maze is a long route that ends with a Gold Mine (not a base) but owned by Mongolia.


    North Korea: 4 (Main Camp, One near Fei River, One near Liao River, One near You Sing Slope)
    Mongolia: 33 (Bai Ma Castle, Two in Bai Ma Maze, One west of Bai Ma Maze, Two east of Bai Ma Maze, Four surrounding Bai Ma Castle, Two Cliff Bases, Two Outer Defense Bases, Two Inner Attack Bases, Four Upper Supply Bases, Three Bases on You Sing Slope, You Sing Castle, Three Defense Bases on the Great Wall, Three Attack Bases on the Great Wall, Three Supply Bases on the Great Wall)
    Villages: 7 (Two Defense Villages, Two Attack Villages, Two Supply Villages, One Great Hall Village)


    North Korea - South
    Mongolia - North
    Villages - West

    Force officers:

    North Korea:
    Commander; Suo Yuan
    Strategists; Liang Shan and Bing Cao
    Vanguard Leaders; Suo Cang and Yue Bi
    Main Generals; Cao Ren, Zhang He, Xu Huang, Li Kiren, Zhao Yuan, Lang Yu, Diao Wang, Yan Bao, Zhou Fei, Gan Rei, Miao Fan, Luo Shan

    Commander; Mang Yachang
    Strategist; Yan Ganjao
    Vanguard Leader; Han Shao
    Main Generals; Shozu Lasa, Yufei Beiyan, Gojian Jaku, Taikou Wundai, Juiji Tsuwen, Ka Raute, Kikbo Xing, Lamou Asof, Dihan Weiyu, Xuzhen Baitai, Caope Rou, Ninji Tsuwen, Haman Zhou, Shou Fili, Yei Wangetsi, Wang Yunio, King Duosi, King Mulu, Wu Tugu, Ahui Nan, Jinhuan Sanjie, Dong Tuna, Meng Youjie, Huang Yafang, Yuo Feisu, Tisu Man, Kei Baodei, Mao Seyua, Sabato Je, Caokou Buta, Vita Minse, Unet Edsteits, Ofameri Ka, Wangon Ait, Tente Fousewon, Mon Gohia, Yang Monje, Hu She, Hu He, Hu Heshe, Damon Iaou, Kili Manjarou, Fu Shiren

    Commander; Dou Xun
    Strategist; Lu Shao
    Vanguard Leader; Lu Lingqi
    Main General; Yang Du, Hu Jai, Yu Fen, Ma Se



    North Korea: Defeat Mang Yachang and capture all enemy bases
    Mongolia: Defeat Suo Yuan and capture all three base-castles
    Villages: Defeat all enemy officers


    North Korea: Suo Yuan is defeated or all three base-castles are taken
    Mongolia: Mang Yachang is defeated or all allied officers are defeated
    Villages: Dou Xun is defeated or all villages are destroyed

    [*] Within seven minutes of the battle, all listed officers between King Duosi and Meng Youjie arrive to ambush the Koreans allied with the Mongolians and begin battle in the You Sing Slope. All of the officers under Suo Yuan after Li Kiren strike out to fight the attackers.
    [*] Within thirteen minutes of the battle, Cao Ren, Zhang He and Xu Huang strike at the villages and destroy them.
    [*] Liang Shan, Bing Cao, Suo Cang and Yue Bi mobilize the forces. In return, Mang Yachang, Yan Ganjao and Han Shao mobilise theirs.
    [*] Within fifteen minutes, all Mongolian Main Generals except Shozu Laza strike out. In response, Yue Bi and Xu Huang join the You Sing Slope fight.
    [*] Within nineteen minutes, Mang Yachang and Yan Ganjao close the gates. In anger, a few soldiers and all officers after Huang Yafang defect upon sight.
    [*] Within twenty-one minutes all undefected officers create ladders on North Korean side of the wall. Shozu Laza and Han Shao duel Li Kiren and Lang Yu within sight. All officers between Yufei Beiyan and Dihan Weiyu get angry and defect upon sight.
    [*] Within twenty-nine minutes all undefected officers pull back. Shozu Laza retreats too and all ladders are destroyed.
    [*] As soon as all officers past brown base defense line, the Great Wall is destroyed by rams. All officers between Haman Zhou and Wang Yunio defect within sight. A cutscene of all the soldiers surrendering and killing each other causes Han Shao to knock Li Kiren off the walls with out killing him and escape through a gate.
    [*] As soon as Han Shao retreats, Xuzhen Baitai, Caope Rou and Ninji Tsuwen cause havoc amongst the You Sing Slope. Dou Xun, Lu Shao, Lu Lingqi and Hu Jai exile Yang Du, Yu Fen and Ma Se for attempted treachery who tell Suo Yuan of their existence. Suo Yuan destroys the villages and mountains and forces them to join him. He rewards the three exiled boys and sends him to his squads.
    [*] Within thirty-six minutes, Cao Cao's main force arrives. All enemy generals who defected/failed to defect/enemy soldiers retreated through the same gate as Han Shao. All of Suo Yuan's forces move.
    [*] Within thirty-nine minutes, Suo Yuan taunts the Mongolian army into invading from You Sing Castle. In frustration Cao Cao's main forces enter and defeat all of the base lines and place ladders on either side of the wall. In response, Yan Ganjao takes all of their force and heads out to fight Cao Cao's army.
    [*] As soon as the following requirements are completed: Yan Ganjao is routed, Lu Shao's villages have all been captured, You Sing Castle is successfully put in a siege on the west, east and south walls and there are no enemies left beneath You Sing Castle: as soon as they are followed, all the gates open. Mang Yachang, left alone, closes the north gate after fleeing.
    [*] After defeating the You Sing Castle remnants, Suo Yuan leads the 1.5 million man army towards Bai Ma Castle Gates. Zhang He states that the army is never going to win and he may as well withdraw the army back to Wei and surrenders.
    [*] After five minutes of fighting, Han Shao arrives on Suo Yuan's side with all of his former allies an a million man army. Zhang He and the generals, who fled the battle (except the revolting troops) returned to Suo Yuan's side with all the troops reinforced. Han Shao and his troops take Bai Ma Castle inside out but Mang Yachang isn't there, even though there is no where for him to hide. Han Shao shows Suo Yuan a secret passage.
    [*] Upon arriving at the Gold Mine, the gates close and there is an outstanding battle.
    [*] After holding out for a long time, Mang Yachang slays a few of his traitor soldiers. The Nanman unit finally arrive with Meng Huo, Zhu Rong and the rest of Meng Huo and Cao Cao's forces. Other villagers appear and soon Mang Yachang surrenders. Suo Yuan returns all of Mang Yachang's surviving generals on condition that he swears Mongolia into unification with North Korea.
    [*] Returning to Nanman was Meng Huo and his troops. Returning to Xu Chang was Zhang He and the Wei army with a few captives from the village. Returning to Mongolia was Mang Yachang and most of his troops. Returning to North Korea was Suo Yuan with all of his troops along with Han Shao and Shozu Laza, and some of their lieutenants and troops. They all had permission to return home whenever they wanted.
    [*] After the battle, a woman known as 'Unknown' greeted Suo Yuan on his journey home. After a few love chases around on horses and on boats on rivers, Suo Yuan caught her. She revealed she was Princess of a kingdom in West China, which was not part of Han China as it was in the mountains, and her real name was Ria Meiya, something she was forbid to do to a Chinese person. He revealed to her that her secret was safe as he was North Korean. She laughed happily and he proposed marriage to her. They married and had four children, one son and three daughters.

    Battle Description

    Forces: North Korea Mongolia Western Villages
    Leaders: Suo Yuan Mang Yachang Dou Xun
    Zhang He Meng Huo Lü Shao
    Li Kiren Xuzhen Baitai Lü Lingqi
    Strength: 2.500.000 2.978.000 1.500
    Losses: 675.000 1.478.000 200
    Captives: 500.000 12.450 0
    Status: Victory Defeat Defeat

    Battle ended in the surrender of Mongolia and the Western Village to North Korea.
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    Name: The Women Revolt

    How Big Is It: Larger than the Nanman map in DW4

    Terrain/Landmarks/Traps: To the north, a range of mountains running from north to west, the enemy main camp will be just to the north of them, with three roads leading to the camp. A little to the south of that are poison marshes spreading across the map from east to west with no direct path through, but islands of dry land in the middle with pots and boxes. To the south of that is a dense forest like seen at the Battle of Cheng Du. Further south a vast expanse of snowy terrain with a Stone Sentinel Maze in the south west corner of the map. The Women's forces main camp is in the south east corner, with one long road leading to it along the south, sheltered by mountains to one of the two exits of the stone maze- making the enemy forces go through the maze in order to get to Women's main camp.

    Participating Forces: Da Qiao's Forces (starting officers- Da Qiao, Sun ShangXiang, Xiao Qiao) v Dong Zhuo's Forces (starting officers- Dong Zhuo, Hua Xiong, Li Jue, Li Ru, Guo Si)

    Da Qiao's Forces: Defeat Dong Zhuo
    Dong Zhuo's Forces: Defeat Da Qiao & Xiao Qiao or Capture the Women's Forces main camp

    Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao & Sun Shang Xiang start a full scale attack from the start- Da takes the western side of the map, Xiao takes central route and Sun takes western side.
    After 5 minutes, Cao Cao arrives with Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan in the middle of the poison marshes and proceeds to attack Xiao's Forces.
    After 10 minutes, Yuan Shao arrives with Yan Liang & Wen Chou in the middle of the forest. Yuan Shao orders his two officers to advance upon the enemy main camp as it is left unguarded.
    Meanwhile, Sun's forces reach the eastern entrance to Dong's main camp and gets met by Hua Xiong and Guo Si who are guarding it fiercely.

    When Yan Liang and Wen Chou reach the Stone sentinel maze, they get ambushed by Xing Cai's Forces with a force of Fire Archers.
    When maze is cleared, Yue Ying arrives in main camp with force of Juggernauts, which causes Lu Bu to arrive with Gao Shun in the stone maze also.
    Upon Lu Bu's defeat, all Allied Forces carry out full on attack, but Dong Zhuo remains behind with Hua Xiong.
    The women's strategy was to lure the enemy forces into the woods where Zhu Rong and Diao Chan's forces are waiting to ambush.
    Zhen Ji's force arrives last to ambush the enemy main camp.

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    Name: Battle of Guan Du (Special)

    Mountians: 3

    Base: 8

    Forces: Shu VS Yuan

    What forces they have:Shu= Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhuge Liang And Ma Chao Yuan Shao= Yuan Shao, When Chao, Yan Liang, Zhang He And Zhen Ji

    Conditions: Shu Victory: Defeat Yuan Shao And Control Yuan Shao Camp
    Shu Defeated: Liu Bei Withdraws

    Yuan Shao Victory: Defeat Liu Bei,Guan Yu And Zhang Fei
    Yuan Shao Defeated: Yuan Shao Withdraws

    Liu Bei is gonna be in Trouble
    Guan Yu is going to defend Liu Bei
    Zhang fei is going to defend Liu Bei
    Ma Chao is going to Defeat When Chao And Yan Liang
    Zhang He is going to defeat Ma Chao
    Ma Chao is going to defend himself
    Zhang he is gonna Engaged
    Zhang Fei is gonna Engaged
    Guan Yu is gonna Engaged
    Liu bei is gonna Insprire
    Yuan Shao is gonna Advance to Liu Bei
    A cutscene will Activate When Yuan Shao Appear Near Liu Bei

    Target 1 Defeat Zhang He in 5 Min Target 2 Defeat When Chao And Yan Liang Target 3 Defeat Yuan Shao

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    Name: The Tiger Pass

    How Big Is It: 20 squared kilometers.

    Terrain/Landmarks/Traps: In the north, there is a fortress with fifty rooms and two opposing corridors. A path leads into the central where there is a large valley that divides east and west. The west route has a base where there is a path that leads north up a mountain. The east route is just the same. There is a concrete bridge above the path that leads to the fortress to join the mountainsides up. South of the west section of the valley, there is a thin narrow rocky mountain path leading to a defense base. South of the east valley section there is a large forest with large ponds leading to an attack base. A river crosses below either bases that is swimable without a bridge. Two supply bases surround a small castle with a moat and lowering bridge.

    Participating Forces:
    Tiger Army - Starting Army (Guan Yu, Zhang Liao, Huang Gai)
    New Han - Starting Army (Yuan Shao, He Jin, Dong Zhuo)

    Tiger Army - Defeat all enemy generals. Guan Yu, Zhang Liao or Huang Gai are defeated.
    New Han - Defeat all the enemy generas. All commanders are routed.


    Guan Yu is in the southern castle.
    Zhang Liao and Huang Gai are in each of the bases.
    All enemy generals are in the fortress.
    The three Tiger Generals attack the Western Route to the base near the Valley.
    Yuan Shao sends Yan Liang and Wen Chou to the Eastern Route via forest.
    Zhang Fei and Huang Zhong ambush Yuan Shao at the forest.
    Zhuge Liang, Mi Zhu and Fa Zheng arrive to aid Yuan Shao.
    Zhao Yun and Ma Chao appear on the East Mountainside above the valley.
    Zhao Yun and Ma Chao attack Zhuge Liang.
    Guan Yu disappears from the battlefield.
    Zhang Liao attacks the North-West mountainside opposite Zhao Yun's arrival.
    Dong Zhuo sends Hua Xiong and Li Jue to strike Zhang Liao.
    Xu Huang and Zhang Hé ambush Dong Zhuo on the NW mountainside.
    Sima Yi, Guo Jia and Cheng Yu arrive to aid Dong Zhuo.
    Yu Jin and Yue Jin appear on the West Mountainside above the valley.
    Zhang Liao disappears from the battlefield.
    Huang Gai lures He Jin from the castle.
    He Jin sends Huangfu Song and Zhu Jun to attack Huang Gai.
    Han Dang and Pan Zhang ambush He Jin's rear.
    Zhou Yu, Lu Xun and Lu Su appear to aid He Jin.
    Xu Sheng and Zhu Zhi arrive in the castle and reach He Jin.
    He Jin, Yuan Shao and Dong Zhuo are defeated.
    Huang Gai disappears from the battlefield.
    Cao Cao and all his troops appear at the castle.
    Sun Jian and all his troops appear to the west of the castle.
    Liu Bei and all his troops appear to the east of the castle.
    Huang Gai and the Wu Tiger Generals attack Sun Jian.
    Guan Yu and all the Shu Tiger Generals attack Liu Bei.
    Zhang Liao orders the surrounding of the castle.
    Huang Gai and Guan Yu ram the gates.
    Zhang Liao climbs the castle walls with ladders.
    Cao Cao and his troops disappear from the battle.
    All enemy troops arrive in the castle.
    Guan Yu, Zhang Liao and Huang Gai conquer the castle.
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    The Battle of Rescue Bridge


    Kingdom of Shang - Tui Kang, Kai Rue, Bian Xue, Kai Cheng, Li Ang, Chou Zun
    The United Empire of North Korea and Mongolia - Suo Yuan, Suo Cang, Li Kiren, Liang Shan, Bing Cao, Yue Bi, Xian Jiu


    Kingdom of Shang - Defeat Suo Yuan and Li Kiren
    The United Empire of North Korea and Mongolia - Defeat Tui Kang and Li Ang

    Kingdom of Shang - Tui Kang is defeated or Kai Rue is forced to retreat
    The United Empire of North Korea and Mongolia - Suo Yuan is defeated or Li Kiren is forced to retreat

    Size: 35 km squared


    In the east, there are three bases on a cliffside. There is a 200m bridge in the far north. There is a small island with a base there which connects to the west cliffside via marshes. There is a 3km bridge over a low river between the east and west cliffsides. On the forefront of the west cliffside there are two bases. On the west cliffside there is a large lake with a route around it. There are two other bases around the lake and a castle north of it.

    Kingdom - Four (A castle north of lake, two bases west of lake, one base on island)
    Empire - Five (Two bases on east cliffside, small castle opposite 3km bridge, two on west cliffside)


    Kingdom -
    01. Defeat Suo Cang before Xian Jiu's feigned defection.
    02. Defeat Li Kiren before he launches his ships.
    03. Capture four bases in ten minutes.

    Empire -
    01. Defeat Kai Rue before Xian Jiu's feigned defection.
    02. Defeat Li Ang before she crosses the marsh.
    03. Capture all three bases.


    * Li Kiren sets sail to west cliffside.
    * Xian Jiu enters a battle with Chou Zun south of the lake.
    * Xian Jiu defects under Chou Zun's name.
    * Suo Cang attacks Tui Kang and Bian Xue.
    * Li Ang attacks Li Kiren.
    * Kai Rue defeats Suo Cang.
    * Xian Jiu rebels against Chou Zun.
    * Kai Rue watches Chou Zun and Xian Jiu kill eachother.
    * Kai Rue rescues Li Ang.
    * Li Kiren retreats.
    * Suo Yuan, Bing Cao and Liang Shan cross the 3km bridge and attack Kai Rue.
    * Kai Cheng ambushes Suo Yuan.
    * Kai Cheng is slain by Suo Yuan.
    * Suo Yuan, Liang Shan and Bing Cao withdraw to castle.
    * Kai Rue destroys the bridge and Tui Kang, Bian Xue and Li Ang rescue him.


    * (Li Kiren - I will defeat my sister here and now. Allow me to set some boats sail to ambush her.)(Bing Cao - Quick, as the Prime Minister I allow you to strike.)

    * (Xian Jiu - Allow me to proceed south and persuade my friend, Xian Jiu, to surrender.) (Suo Cang - Father, my general wishes for permission to comprise his plan.) (Suo Yuan - Send him.) (Xian Jiu - I won't let you down.)

    * (Xian Jiu - Chou Zun. We have studied and learned together. Does it have to come to this?)(Chou Zun - I am loyal to my master. I shall not defect.)(Xian Jiu - Then I will.)

    * (Kai Rue - Our allies will arrive soon. I do not trust Xian Jiu. Chou Zun keep a good eye for that one.)

    * (Messenger - Sir, Xian Jiu has joined the ranks of the Kingdom of Shang!) (Suo Yuan - He is nothing. Do not worry, men.)

    * (Messenger - Lord Kai Rue, enemy units have infiltrated the castle. The King requests help immediately.)

    * (Li Kiren - Ang?) (Li Ang - Kiren? After Brother Jue died I had very little to live for. I am here with those who saved me from myself.) (Li Kiren - I can either slay you, or ask you to join me.) (Li Ang - Come and slay me while you can!)

    * (Suo Cang - ARGH! All units, retreat to the castle!) (Kai Rue - That teaches you to mess with me.) (Chou Zun - Lord Tui Kang! Help!) (Kai Rue - I knew we couldn't trust that demon, Xian Jiu!)

    * (Chou Zun - I am saved. You have my gratitude.) (Xian Jiu - Not just yet!) (Chou Zun - He's charging!)

    * (Li Ang - You saved me Lord Kai Rue!) (Bian Xue - Ang! We're retreating with King Tui Kang. Come on, let's go.) (Kai Rue - I'll take care of the rest of them.)

    * (Suo Yuan - Kai Rue? I knew that one day me and you were going to cross face-to-face in battle. After the land and people I allowed Tui Kang to own. East Korea, you cost me. I have assisted you in all the possible ways. This is a rebellion against me!) (Kai Cheng - Brother! I have arrived. I chalenge you to a duel Suo Yuan!)

    * (Suo Yuan - So feeble. Kai Rue, bring out one of your cowards.) (Kai Cheng - Ugh... I... have nothing... left... to gain...) (Kai Rue - Cheng? Suo Yuan you will pay!)

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    Name: The Battle at Chang Jiang

    Year: 228 AD

    Allied Forces VS Wei Forces

    At the southern edge of the map is a small valley,in the southeastern and southwestern corners are two hills. The valley has paths leading up to those hills. North of the valley is a bigger mountain with the Allied camp on it. The valley also has a camp.
    In the middle of the map is a huge plain,surrounded by the Allied main camp mountain to the south,two mountains to the west and east and the Chang Jiang river to the north. There are two paths leading to the hills in the corners mentioned before.
    In the north is low land with the Wei main camp on it. South of it is the Chang Jiang river,with many ships on it.
    The paths that lead from the middle plain towards the two hills in the south also have additional mountain paths to the north. There are bridges on the paths that connect the Wei bank with the southern landmass.


    Victory (Wei): Defeat Hei Zheng,Zhuge Liang and Lu Xun
    Victory (Allied forces): Defeat Cao Rui

    Defeat (Wei): Cao Rui is defeated or flees
    Defeat (Allied forces): Hei Zheng,Zhuge Liang OR (!) Lu Xun is defeated

    Wei Side:
    Cao Rui (commander)
    -Cao Yu
    Sima Yi
    -Sima Shi
    Cao Ji (Created Character)
    Cao Ren
    -Cao Tai
    -Man Chong
    Xu Huang
    -Lu Jian
    Xu Zhu
    -Xu Yi
    -Dian Man
    Cao Hong
    Cao Zhen
    Guo Huai
    Xiahou Shang
    Cao Xiu
    -Jia Kui
    Zhu Ling
    Xu Shang
    Liu Ye
    Xu Shu
    Zhang Qiu
    Xue Qiao

    Allied Forces:
    Xu Side:
    Hei Zheng (commander) (CC)
    Tianhou Pu (CC)
    -Tianhou Song (CC)
    Xin Lu (CC)
    Xin Cong (CC)
    Meng Yan (CC)
    Hei Fang (CC)
    Hei Mao (CC)
    Feng Bao (CC)
    Zang Ba
    -Zang Shun
    Hao Zhao
    -Hao Kai
    Chen Lan
    -Chen Liang (CC)
    Hua Xin
    -Hua Hui (CC)
    Zhao Ang

    Shu Side:
    Zhuge Liang (commander)
    -Zhuge Jun
    Zhao Yun
    -Zhao Guang
    -Zhao Tong
    Jiang Wei
    Wei Yan
    Jiang Wan
    Liao Hua

    Wu Side:
    Lu Xun (commander)
    -Lu Kai
    Zhou Tai
    Ling Tong
    Ding Feng
    Zhu Ran
    Zhu Huan
    Sun Huan

    Wei Side:
    1: Defeat Hei Zheng before Cao Ji defeats him
    2: Defeat Wei Yan and Zhou Tai in under 15 min
    3: Defeat Zhuge Liang and Lu Xun in under 25 min

    Allied Side:
    1: Burn the Wei fleet
    2: Defeat Cao Ren and Xu Huang in under 15 min
    3: Let Cao Ji defeat Feng Bao

    -(Wei) Hei Zheng will move into the middle plain after 5 min
    -(Wei) After Wei Yan and Zhou Tai are defeated in time (15 min),the bridges towards the Wei main camp will be destroyed. Otherwise,the two will ambush the Wei main camp by using the bridges to get on the Wei bank
    -(Wei) After Cao Ji defeats Hei Zheng (who is Feng Bao),the real Hei Zheng will appear on the Allied camp mountain and Wei's morale will drop vastly
    -(Wei) If both bridges are NOT destroyed and all officers of Wei except Cao Rui are defeated,the latter will retreat (thus ending in defeat)
    -(Allied forces) Hei Zheng will move into the valley and send Feng Bao into the middle plain to lure the Wei main army out
    -(Allied forces) If Target 2 is not completed,Cao Ren and Xu Huang will destroy the bridges
    -(Allied forces) After Cao Ji kills Feng Bao,the Wei army morale will drop vastly. Also,the Wei forces stop their advance and Cao Ji loses her red aura
    -(Both forces) If Zhuge Liang and Lu Xun reach the mountains west and east of the middle plain,a fire attack on the Wei fleet will occur and burn many of their soldiers. Some ships sink,but a connection to the Wei main camp stays

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