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    Default Bladestorm FAQ

    I'm just going to point out some important parts and hidden secrets in the game, etc. This isn't a full FAQ like you would find at GameFAQs with all the button configurations and the like; even though it's long and detailed.

    This is my own written FAQ but I will give credit to michaelP4o, Final_Cataclsym, OmegaShinMaeda and anyone else who posted in the GameFAQs board FAQ. Plus, anyone who helped me during my times in the Bladestorm area of this forum. Thanks again!


    Introduction: Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War is a fully fledged strategy game published by Koei and developed by Omega Force. The title tells you once again the medieval story which revolved around the conflict between England and France in the 13th to throughout the 14th century. There will be many familiar names that you will encounter, such as Joan of Arc and Edward, the Black Prince. Moving on further though, since the software is a strategy game, you will need to mix and match a variation of units ranging from rifles to horses to elephants to siege, and many more. Every unit will have its strengths and faults in the game, as expected, so it would up to you to serve and fulfill your contracts whilst deciding whether to serve the French or serve the English forces, spontaneously.

    Who are you and what other characters can you pick?

    Only one, I'm afraid. You are a new mercenary fighting for the title of the mercenary, proving that they can be trusted and can change the war; not needing a title rank in order to do so. Your appearance can be constantly changed throughout the game, either by finding the equipment in battle or by visiting the merchant in the shop.

    The historical character appearances cannot be chosen at any point.


    You will encounter the Barkeep. He is the gentleman who will give you most of the story progressing work or at least inform you of it.

    In the Tavern you are able to do many things, such as increase your certain skills by using your SP, going into Gossip and listening to the hints and tips throughout the game. Many important missions will be found here. Plus, you can look in the Diary for your game statistics as well as find the shop by speaking to the Merchant.


    You will find the contracts in the Tavern.

    This word will be referred to many times throughout this guide. Contracts are your missions to put it simply. You will be able to select one from a list of 8 after each time you've finished the previous contract. The list of English versus French contracts will be randomly generated each time. Some of these contracts will have a (!) sword symbol which means that they are important and possibly story changing quests.

    Note: There is one contract called the 'Special Battle!'

    This contract contains a bug that will prevent you from being able to fulfill certain tasks if you did not do it last; depending if you hadn't done everything up to that point or not. This contract is referred to during sections of this guide and will be open to you in 5 star Fame.


    This is where you will find the shop. The items available will change and vary after each contract that you've undertaken. After participating in the major fame increasing battles, more equipment will become available to you. The equipment will range from helmets to weapons to clothes to pennons; the pennons give you benefits in battle, such as more attack or speed. This is also where you are able to buy your Recruit units in order for you to simply have them from the start without needing to worry to find and locate them on the battlefield. More will become available once you obtain more Books and Tome pages. Plus, don't forget that you can sell spare items or whatever else as well. Though note that some items or equipment cannot be sold once collected.

    In 5 star Fame the Merchant will start selling exclusive weapons most known for being in Koei's franchises: Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. They will cost you a fortune, though. But due to their prices they are without a doubt worth the DENIER.

    On average they cost 70,000 DENIER. DENIER is Bladestorm's currency.


    In the Diary you can locate and compare your game scores, such as how many hours you've played and how many French or English contracts you've fulfilled throughout the games course. Plus, the type kills and usages as well as recap from the Diary about the places involved, look up the peoples purposes and backgrounds, and read the stories that have developed up until the time you check the Diary.


    Here you will find the information on all your items and equipment. You are also able to use your skill points to increase your units, allowing them to grow stronger and be of more use. This is also where you will change your weapons and armour, etc.

    Note: The highest level you can train towards is level 99. You will by estimate reach 100% for a unit once you approach around the level 50 number.


    What do you do in battle in Bladestorm?

    Using all the units that you can, at the time, you have the purpose of undertaking and demolishing the enemy in order for you to take the last base or bases, the main base/s which is or are displayed very clearly on the start or the in-game map. In order to do this you need to destroy the opposing forces that are outside and inside the bases; by moving solo or by using the units nearby, or in your possession. Once done, the Base Commander will appear. Defeating him will secure you the base to push forward once more. Plus, you will receive DENIER, which is the money in Bladestorm, and other rewards also. Though, since this phase will be extremely common during the game, the prizes, except for the helpful money, will be insufficient most of the time.

    Each battle lasts only 10 minutes and each contract has an amount of days that you are required to complete within. So if you do not manage to win the battle the first time, do not worry because they'll be more than likely more days to come. However, if you fail within the time due to running out of days, or die, you will lose the contract with only a money loss and a tally added in your Diary, sadly. All items, levelling up and equipment that you got will all be saved however.


    This is more commonly known as the BLADESTORM state, the state that you will find yourself invincible; until it fades that's. In order for this to occur you will need to either defeat your enemies or find the Morale item when your fighting amongst the already fallen. All of your attributes such as your attack and speed will be dramatically boosted in this form.


    Bladestorm's diverse unit range spans over 17 class types. There is 16 in total and in order: Knives, Rapiers, Swords, Spears, Long Spears, Horses, Halberds, Axes, Clubs, Bows, Horsebows, Camels, Elephants, Chariots, Explosives, Magic and Engineers. In these weapons you will find the Tome pages, such as the Clubs class being able to let you control the Polesling units, best known as the slingshot, and the Knives allowing you to use the Chakram units, etc.


    Slowdown, most commonly known as lag where the game runs slower than usual, may often occur and in the end freeze your game. I've had a few times where this has happened to me with my PS3.

    What I would suggest is that you do not take part in parts of a battle where you can see an enormous battle happening. If you do find yourself amongst and notice how slow it's becoming; then fleeing as far as you can will be a wise idea. You will then be able to tell that it will eventually come to a halt after your game speed starts to run smoother.

    Keep your PS3 or XBOX360 cool

    The best advice for a powerful fan engine would be to keep it cool by having it near a open window or in an open area. The heating systems on both consoles blow out much warm air which can surprisingly help lag to occur if the air is being obstructed back into the system. It will struggle and then possibly stop.

    Hints and Tips

    - If you are training units that range from 1-10, either try a 1 or 2 star stage. If you are training units that range from 10-20, try a 3 star stage, etc.

    - Use the type skills as much as possible. You should only need to use the R1 attack button when waiting for them to recharge or when picking off solo units.

    - Use the terrain to your advantage. An example is that your mounts move faster when going downhill.

    - Mount on any steed that can carry you from place to place to cut the time it takes to get across these vast maps.

    - Use the Trumpeteers whenever you are nearby. Being near one will produce a melody symbol around you and will cut your skill time wait in half.

    - Run into the wild deer in order to fill up your BLADESTORM (Zeal) state; quarter by quarter. This way you are able to either move quicker or just fill up your BLADESTORM until the 3/4 mark, so you can have a much higher chance of fighting in the BLADESTORM state faster when arriving near an enemy squad.

    Running into a wild rabbit will fill your health bar up.

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    What are the stages that have the sword (!) by them?

    These can be seen as important. These will be found at all times in the Tavern, when only available. During these battles you will more than likely witness a cutscene; one at the end and one at the beginning. The cutscenes will tell you a bit about the historical characters.

    You will notice that the completion time for these contracts are indefinite; meaning even if you fail or don't bother with them, they will always be there.

    4 of these are story developing events:

    Battle of Politiers (2 star Fame battle)
    Battle of Crecy
    Battle of Orleans
    Battle of Agincourt / Battle of Bordeaux (5 star Fame battle)

    Note: The Battle of Agincourt is the English final stage whilst the Battle of Bordeaux is the French final stage.

    What is Fame?

    Fame is a feature that basically tells you how far you are in the game. By moving on and participating in the story or just by completing any battle; the four battles above will become near enough open to you once your Fame bar reaches maximum.

    These battles are marked with the (!) sword as described and listed above.

    Note: The highest amount of Fame is of the full 5th Fame bar. That's the limit.

    Note: Due to the (Special Battle!) bug in the game, the 5th star battle will be best avoided until you have completed everything in the game, or at least when you are certain to risk the chance. The fifth battle will become available to you depending on whether you have had Joan of Arc or Edward, the Black Prince speak to you in the Tavern during 4 star Fame. It will depend on how many contracts you have finished in the late 4 star area, though. For instance, taking part in more English skirmishes will connect you to Edward, whilst taking part in more battles during the games course with the French, will connect you to Joan. You can only choose one, so be careful and decide as quickly as possible which force to finish the game with, now, if you haven't already. This cannot be changed once settled.

    The prize for completing the game with the English: Excalibur.
    The prize for completing the game with the French: Durandal.

    Excalibur is a one-handed sword and the Durandal is a two-handed greatsword.

    What are the Books?

    These Books are your unit types. Each Book has more than one page. You can collect more pages just by progressing through the story or by finding them in battle. If you are lucky, after the battle has ended you will receive the Tome; the book page.

    You can also find the Tomes by checking with the Merchant whenever you can. He just may have a surprise for you.

    What is SP?!

    SP means skill points. With the skills points that you gather by levelling up and looking in your Books, you are able to either increase your specific moves or instead able to increase your statistics, such as increasing your squad number for that unit. As a word of advice it would be best to invest in Research, enabling you to level faster, and then in your Leadership, which gives you more units to help for the reason of killing more. It would also be wise to invest in all the area's either above or below the mentioned, as the specific moves can easily be avoided. And by doing so you will benefit more.


    These are what they imply; requests. These requests can be found in the Tavern. They come as contracts, but that would depend on the contract itself; if the contract were to have an extra payment near the bottom, that's. All you have to do is fulfill the task that was given to you. These requests, such as delivering letters or locating items on the field will give you extra rewards like DENIER and other miscellaneous items.

    John Fastolf and Joan of Arc mission help

    In the John Fastolf battle, the Battle of Pathay, the mission where he attempts to flee, you may witness an occurence where he stops moving, stopping him from escaping. This maybe due to the officer who's blocking his exit or that he's just stopped on his horse near his finish line. Your best bet here is to push him towards the exit or at least lure the enemies attention towards him.

    In the Joan of Arc mission, where you have to rescue her, you are ordered to defeat the Duke of Bedford; since he's carrying the key to saving her. Once you do defeat him you must pick up the key which he drops and then move towards the castle. If you only managed to defeat him and not pick up the key, forcing the time limit to cease; then you must try again. Just make sure that you do collect the key and finish the contract.

    Special Requests/Content

    Aegis Shards

    A man who has a dream of making an ultimate shield to avenge his fallen brother's memory, asks you to collect the pieces in order to form the mightiest shield ever formed. There are 5 altogether and they are scattered throughout the game. So once you have a section, he will arrive and ask you for it at the Tavern; the place where he first meets you. Don't be afraid, and so give it to him.

    The Aegis is the best shield in the game and has 20 in all stats.

    The 12 Gemstones

    The Merchant will inform you near the start of the game of twelve gemstones. These gemstones can be exchanged very late in the game, as an act to a 25% discount. Do not sell them until all are collected. You do not need to sell them when you have witnessed the discount, though.

    All the gemstones will be found in any battle, but they are very rare. The last one however will be given to you by Shakti just by talking to her after you've taken part in the witch contract from Magnus. Some time later after speaking to her in Gossip, roughly 5 times, whenever she is there, she will finally give up and reward you. Once done go into any battle, win it and return to the Merchant. The discount will be then yours.

    Note: If you end up accidentally selling one, they are always reobtainable by getting them the same way. However, it's unsure if the last given by Shakti will be.


    Selling the artwork that you can obtain throughout the game, such as those pictures, landscapes, etc, can be sold. When you have sold enough an art collector will reward you with an item called the Rabbit's Foot, which increases the drop-rate of DENIER.

    Explosives Book

    You will obtain this Book over time. It can be started as early, during 3 star Fame, but by then you would have to have loads of French contracts. These request missions require you to find and run over long distances to get the ''just'' ingredients. Christine de Pizan is your contract employer here, as she will ask you to find the three substances over a few battles during the 3 to the end of 4 star Fame duration. It won't be until when you are in 5 star Fame that she will show up to test her experiments success in the Battle of Vannes. Once the contracts completion she will reward you with the Explosives Book containing the guns.

    Note: I've received information that this Book can be obtained on 3 star, but the requirements will have to be specific. The basic idea is that you need to avoid the major quests and only partake in the smaller missions. If you wish to get the Book on 3 star Fame then refer to page 3 in this topic and look at volly71's first post.

    Silver Sword, Spear and Bow

    By the time you reach the end of 4 star Fame, hopefully you would have the three above trained somewhat. Getting them to 100% completion, each, will net you the corresponding gifts, such as getting the Swords to 100% you will receive the Balmung from the Silver Sword in the Tavern. However, note that you must go into a mission and return beforehand like you would do in order to trigger an event.

    Engineer Tome

    The Avatar of War will present you with this Tome once your in 5 star Fame and have trained all Books up to 70% or higher. He will only show his face once you have completed the (Special Battle!) contract.

    Note: Because of the (Special Battle!) bug, it's advisable to avoid the (Special Battle!) contract up until 70%, as described above, in order to get the Tome.

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    This sword and one-handed sword can only be obtained by training all units up to 100%. Due to this it's best forgotten about until the very late stages of Bladestorm.

    It's given to you by the Avatar of War.

    Final Spears and Explosives Tome

    In 4 star Fame or higher you will witness a random conversation in the Tavern. One of the men believes that the future of war comes from leading all unit types whilst the other thinks it's defeating all the unit types.

    Defeating all unit types will give you the Adaga Tome. You can get this in 4 star Fame.
    Controlling all units types will give you the FireSpear Tome which can only be given to you as late as 5 star Fame.

    The Legendary John Hawkwood

    John Hawkwood can only be seen in 5 star Fame. He is the man that all the mercenaries look upto and admire. He is also the man that Magnus wishes to best.

    In order to trigger the event during 5 star, the only thing you can do is wait. After a while he will show up in the Tavern and will tell you to find and seek him out on the battlefield. Some moments later, after how many or so battles, Magnus will appear in the Tavern wanting to become the greatest mercenary thats ever lived. From that point choose any star level and you should find Hawkwood in battle. Your purpose is to defeat him and return to the Tavern, enabling a cutscene to occur. However, sadly enough there is no reward for completing this.

    (Special Battle!)

    There is a bug in this game that prevents you from getting a certain few things, as mentioned during this guide. So in order to stop this from happening it's advisable to do absolutely everything in the game before attempting this alone mission. You will be against level 99 enemies after all.

    The mission becomes available to you after besting Hawkwood and when the Barkeep addresses you of a special letter. It's easily avoidable just as long as you don't forget its there. So do this last.

    Note: This isn't the final encounter for either force. It's a seperate quest.

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    Default bladestorm fan

    i love this game a lot, i have just currently entered the 5 start fame level, and i was just wondering if there were any other games that are some what similar to this one once i am done with it?

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    If you mean by Koei, then I guess you could try the Kessen series. Based on the Three Kingdoms like Dynasty Warriors is, but this is more magical and tactical.

    Hopefully a Bladestorm 2 will come to us within the next so many years.

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    yeah that would be cool

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    hey does this game ever end? i have done pretty much everything, i just need to face hawkwood, i meet him in the tavern and about 6 contracts later still nothing, he said i was to seek him out on the battle field, when does this happen? i have all units over 70% growth including explosives, but excluding engineers because i just got it, and i have about 8 units at 100% growth (swords, horses, bows, spears, clubs, halberds, axes and long spear). and have around $2,285,000 Denier. with almost 85 hours of play and about 1/4 of the 5th star fame level filled. just to let you know.

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