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Thread: What Pet Would you like to adopt?

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    a flying snake or a really tiny horse.

    oh i just remembered i like those steppe piggies, they look like a disformed zebra but imagine riding them trough town. Or a pink llama or something.  062

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    My friend recently found a dog whose owner he couldn't find. Now this dog lives with him and he suggested that I take it to my house. I know that adopting a dog is a big responsibility and I'm thinking about it now. So far I'm reading more information about how to properly care for a dog on such portals as World Pet Express , there are many useful blog articles. I think that I will probably agree to adopt a dog because I have been dreaming about it for a long time, but I doubt whether I will have enough time for it when the quarantine is over and I need to return to work.

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    I believe that dogs are the best option!

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    I have a cat but I would really love to adopt a dog. I don't want a puppy I want a grown up dog that can make my life happier and to whom I can give a good life too. Plus I live in house in Larnaca and I love to go for a walk every morning and every evening, dog could make me a good company.
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    i want to have a cat

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    I have a dog. I want to tell you that dogs are the smartest and most loyal pets. I have an American Bully. Craig. He’s three years old. So I can’t imagine life without him. True, I recently needed to go on a long-term business trip and I was worried about how I would leave my pet, but my friends recommended that I check out Top 9 Picks for The Best Dog Crate of 2020 Thanks to this information, I was able to choose an excellent dog crate. Keep in mind that choosing a dog crate should be large enough so that the dog can toss and turn in it, stand up to full height and lie down with all the comfort. Even if your puppy is still quite small, consider how big his size will be when he becomes an adult when choosing a crate. There is a crate with an improved design, collapsible and high strength. You can purchase a wire cage or a plastic cage. Almost all of them are disassembled and transported from place to place without much difficulty.

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